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Adur and Worthing Disability and Access working Group.Notes 2.

Topics: Next time: England v EU: dragging us down to their standards(?), the maximum width of a path, clear of  hedges, now seems to be 1.2m, “though vegetation may have to be cleared frequently.”                   This may be fine for “one powered wheelchair” but visually impaired people work from a wall ...

Shoreham Sound Tennis, SCLTC

I’m visually impaired and I play tennis at Sussex County Lawn Tennis Club in Kingston Land, Southwick (Shoreham.) We actually play Sound Tennis and welcome others to come and try it Come and join us. We have a trained coach and volunteers to help. We’re there most Tuesdays from half ...

Soundball Tennis at Shoreham is special

Soundball Tennis at Shoreham is special. The normal arrangements are that it is an indoor sport, whereas we can enjoy it as an outdoor sport with fresh air, none of the noise associated with sports halls

Full review – Gluten Free in Shoreham By Sea, Brighton and Worthing, Sussex,

My grandson (6 years old.) has now been diagnosed as a Coeliac so the primary emphasis has now moved to children's needs, so the whole family is included. Shoreham, Brighhton, Worthing.

AMD & Cliff’s Action Plan for AMD

  Well seven months later, 11th January 2197 update. My wet AMD hid the attack by Dry AMD in my left eye. “Both of your eyes have extensive damage from DRYy AMD so we don’t see any benefit of continuing the injections in your left eye.” I know the extra ...

Building a Better Britain

Economists and politicians need to realise that the UK people have changed. They are now the highest educated people we have ever had. They are the ....

Adur Disrtrict Council Disability and Access group – my notes

Topics: Next time: – Nick’s role as Advisor, and really the purpose of the group and it’s terms off reference – New members to be invited specifically the Police – Pedestrian safety at island at entrance to ‘NEXT’ car park. – Refuges at road junctions along Old Shoreham road 9, ...
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