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AMD -Hints and tips for coping

Hints and tips, strategies for copin with AMD or other Visual Impairmentg, Hold your left thumbnail straight down and use this....

A look back at Snowdon.

It was only when I started looking at Google maps that I realised just how much of Snowdonia I have tramped across. The Glydyrs, the Carnedds, Tryfan and of course Snowdon. So fifty years on and with my poor eyesight

AMD- Three years on AND NOW THERE’S MORE

Bring it on AMD Three Years On, and now for the next thirty years,

Just Giving – Cliff’s Blind Walk

I'm asking you to give to the macula Society because they help people come to ......

Gluten Free Pizzas, Sussex, Shotreham By Sea

What a break-through. Suddenly we have Gluten Free Pizzas Personally I'll give top marks to PizzaHut and Prezzo,

MUSIC and my CDP220

Music MUSIC: I've started with the Casio Digital Piano, I ve had some brilliant intuition and tuition from my music teacher which is leading me to really get back into playing the piano. She's given me back the flow and the beauty of the 'keys' of B Flat. D major ...

One week on the CDP 220 Digital Piano

I am horrified and delighted that all the technical questions have been sortedm mainly Thanks to Pete, my son. First need was to be able to read sheet music even with my restricted vision. DONE. He fixed my scanner aand software to create multi-page Pdfs which I can read ...

First Day – CDP 220 digital piano arrived

So at that stage I need to hope that my memory is fully functional - .... after over fifty years! These problems explain my motivation as I suffer from both wet abd dry AMD and am partially sighted. I want to develop a repertoire of nusic now whilst I still have ...

Forecast the Future – New Materials, Graphene – cj4

Forecast for New Materials and Graphene No forecast could miss out Graphene. There will be other materials though in the meantime Ill look at Graphene.
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