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EPSTENNIS _ Especially for the Partly Sighted

EPSTENNIS< the benefits, the rules, and players' comments. Come and join us...

CARERS can care too much.

The role of being a carer is difficult. They can be over-protective, over-careful whereas they just need to be supportive. They want to help so much and are distraught at seeing the trouble their loved one is having. They rush to do it for them.

Huge thank you to Adur Council

Absolutely wonderful, the pavements have been cleared of hedges and brambles sprawling across them. It means it is much easier for vision impaired people as well

A superb day Snail Hunting

A full-on day hunting the Martlet Hospice`s sensational snails, with the help of two grand-children....

US, all of us vs. AMD. The Video

This is a terrifying example of what can happen. I was appalled and I mean absolutely appalled, by this lady`s experiences, after just five years, though you can get  to the severe state in just two years. Personally I have survived for eight years so far and I an still ...

The Eyeopener

The “Eyeopener” is a booklet created by the Shoreham AMD Group. They have brought together the experiences after losing their sight so as to create a comfortable Eyeopener on their new world.

Inspirational Speaking – MOJO Regained, by Cliff

“Regaining my MOJO”. It`s taken nearly ten years, from a disastrous point of utter depression..  I have transformed myself and NOW I CAN.

Macular Society National Conference

Macular Society National Conference 2018. Speaker Simon. Not only do we inherit  blue eyes, we have all survived the Black Death. It`s the same gene ( Complement Factor H.)   30% of the population have  one copy,

Alan Titchmarsh was wrong. AMD Garden.

Alan Titchmarsh was so wrong with vast amount of white both for the fencing and the wide marble-like paths with the added insult of topiary!. We give you Gorgeous Gardens for AMD people
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