E-Audio Books

For years I have been avoiding the topic.

I realise now this was because on needing a whole new set of clobber, whether from the RNIB, my local library and other sources.

Ib the event I have chosen twome-audio apps Amazon Audible and NBL ( local library).

Both apps now sit on my smartphone. Inevitably the chargeable one has a greater far greater selection.Traditionally I always read thrills and adventures  and I read then fast. So I have set the speed at  1.4 ( newspapers I listen to at 3 and its easy to repeat a paragraph.) 

Absolutely fabulous, 

With Audible you get:

You can return books and get a credit.

200,000 books

2 levels: £7.99 for 1 book a month (£69.99 annual); or £109 annually for 2 books per month.

Cancel at any time and you still keep your library.

Download your book and later remove from your device.

There is a wish list facility.

And you get special offers.

All from an app. no other technologies, no other batteries, no other things to carry, no new account just part of Amazon.

I have upgraded to 2 books per month, approx £4 per book.

Absolutely fabulous..

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