Possibly a new chapter

in my battle, “winning against AMD”

A merest whim of an idea, could it become a sentence, or even a paragraph let alone a possibility of a new chapter in my battle with AMD.

I have noticed that as I can’t read a word then I can’t spell it so I can’t pronounce it properly.

So can I teach myself to read again?

So how to do it?

I have been getting closer for some time. I can read what I’m typing in Google Docs. AND on my Google Pixel 7 smartphone I can listen to it.

As I have a Gmail account I get all the standard software email, contacts, calendar/diary, word docs, spreadsheet, maps, Earth, Google 1 remote back-up, Google Search AND what is more All my files are instantly synchronised across all platforms namely laptop and smartphone.

And then Google launched the Pixel Tablet . The screen is three times the size of the phone, a higher quality, a faster processor and the software is identical.

When reading the line needs to be (say) twelve words so that there is a natural one.

Obviously I need to choose a font suitable for a computer screen e.g. Ubuntu or Verdana.

Then to experiment with Font size and Bold.

Other than the title this is Ubuntu, 22 listen, Bold

Now all I have to do is to update all my documents to Ubuntu, 11 Bold.

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