I over stretched myself –  again

I over stretched myself –  again

It all started so easily:

  • The Jazzxy potatoes arrived early and went on to start chitting
  • Next  there was an offer on some potato bags, which I’d never used before
  • When they arrived I planted the Jazzy
  • To protect them from frost I put them in the polytunnel severely cluttering it up,
  • Them the Orla potatoes arrived, narked plant now,
  • Our small polytunnel  had had to be replaced (storm damage) so now prepare the ground, assemble it, put the cover on, replace the top soi, weight the side flaps, and fit the shelves,
  • So all that’s left to do is to plant the Orla potatoes, top up all ten bags and move them to this polytunnel. Plus fit the storm guys.
  • Meanwhile the first lot of seeds have germinated and need to be potted on, ant
  • Seeds for root crops sown to germinate in trays in the polutinnel.

It’s raining again so I’ll have a cup of coffee.

AND there are still some paths to be sorted out!

But then again, the sun’s come out  and

  • Onion and shallot sets have been planted
  • The red cabbages and broad beans  are growing well in the polytunnel
  • Outdoor broad beans are doing well
  • Charlotte potatoes have been planted
  • And most of the paths have been renewed.


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