More White Sticks than I’ve seen in years

More White Sticks than I’ve seen in years

At Shoreham Centre on 27 Feb 2024

A very popular event for the blind and partially sighted.

We were talking to “The Supermarkets” but the most exciting speaker was from Proctor and Gamble. They have two life-changing innovations:

  • Adding a surface pattern, vertical lines on shampoo bottles and circles for the conditioner so you can tell the difference when you are in the shower )with soap in your eye)
  • Adopting “Navilens” to their products so you can find what you are looking for a supermarket’s shelf, from 10m away and then  listen to the product details .

The most important element is meeting others with the same problem. One person told me about “Voice Vista” an app that tells you the street scene as you walk along. I t could be really good.

Three developments that may create a better life for us all

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