We want our money back!(5)

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We want our money back! (5)

Originally, say two to five thousand years ago, we all had equal rights and equal benefits based on the land and the sea, equal rights to life and happiness.

Then we had a series of events and activities where a few individuals helped themselves to other people’s wealth and chattels – theft and fraud, but there was no local law to stop them then.

We now know this was illegal, even if the theft was ‘legalised’ by parliament by for example the Enclosures Acts or the fraud was practised by the religions in manipulating the populace through fear or promising to deliver benefits which they couldn’t deliver, which is fraud.

The descendants are still enjoying an unearned benefit so we need to re-correct the situation. We need to equalise everyone’s rights and opportunities.

We want our money and our lands back!

All the current land-owners should be subject to a Land Usage Levy of a few per cent on the value of their land.

We all probably acknowledge that we need a some laws, some public servants, some defence capability, education and health services so why don’t we let the land – the asset owned by the nation, as a whole, fund the costs of these national services. We can let the annual Land Usage levy cover the costs of running the country.

It has been done before and we can do it again. We can also confiscate the church lands as a token gesture for them to apologise fro their misguided ethos and for causing us to join in so many wars.

We won’t actually get our money back but we should never again have to pay any income tax or other taxes on our earnings.

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