Building a Better Britain

Building a Better Britain

Economists and politicians need to realise that the UK people have changed. They are now the highest educated people we have ever had. They are the ones who have noticed that they are not getting a fair deal and have thrown the cuckoos out of the nest. They want a new deal.

Similarly they are the people driving the new sector of the economy the ‘Knowledge Sector’, embracing AI, Robotics, nano-technologies, the Internet of Things, Gameification, new materials and new knowledge from every source multiplied by our innate capability to innovate that is to turn new knowledge into real life and to deploy and implement them them effectively.

The economy is no longer driven by the land owners or the factory owners. The Services sector still exists covering retail, tourism, entertainment, hospitality and private rented housing.

This new Britain needs a new, revitalised ethos and direction looking after our nation.


Three key elements, namely:

1. Congratulate the Voters

  • Just as the Scots, Welsh and Ireland have national days so should England, so rename the Early Spring Bank Holiday as “England Day” and change the date to 23rd April
  • Announce a new national day for everyone “Independence Day” June 23rd each year
  • To solve the housing shortfall (a million homes) and to create half a million new jobs announce EDZ Enterprise Development Zones available for any ineffectively used land in city , town and village centres utilising existing public transport facilities for example bus and train stations and any available car-parks.

2.Create a larger executive Better Britain Team,   create a larger executive Better Britain Team, say 5,00 people recruited from the professions and industry amongst other items:

  1. To establish a level playing field solve the problem of  the “Haves” versus the “Have-nots”, the same problem the Aborigines and the North American Indians all dispossessed of their land by invaders or armed gangs.
  2. To give the maximum freedom to wealth creators,eliminate transaction taxes e.g. Stamp Duty, and Inheritance and Capital Gains taxes
  3. To reward and look after local creators rliminate Business Rates and reduce Corporation Tax to one per cent for those companies not subject to IPR charges, royalties, head office management charges or other devices designed to export profits to an external jurisdiction-
  4. To simplify the Tax Law and release people to more constructive roles, eliminate Airport Taxes and other minor taxes
  5. To improve productivity and quality of service instate trading opportunities in every area that can be considered a monopoly, including Train Operators’ contracts, local government (particularly as they are no longer audited accounts)  Health Services, Water companies, thr\copper cable’ twisted pair monopoly abused by the current owners
  6. To reduce the feeling of inequality open up Quangos so that they are run by unpaid volunteers, to be rewarded by a new nomenclaturte  for example VSOP (volunteer specialist)
  7. To eliminate the preference given to political appointees and civil servants to reorganise the House of Lords, and to remove hereditary ranks and Lords Spiritual and substantially reduce their numbers
  8. To recognise the importance getting people to their work efficiently to sort out a new method of public transport e.g. bus convoys with alterations to priorities on motorways and dual carriageways
  9. To ensure that Honours are greeted fairly by the nation as a whole to change the Honours rules so that the media cannot use the honorific if the individual is not ordinarily resident and domiciled in the UK
  10. To properly recognise the extraordinary contribution made by our colleagues who work overseas, cahnge the income tax laws so that their rewards are free of UK income and corporate taxes
  11. To give voters control of their local council by revoking the current payments to councillors (as this makes them dependent on their income, ), by legislating that every council produces and publish them proper report and accounts (just as public companies are required to do)
  12. Now let’s get everyone in Britain speaking good english and enjoying our culture, ethos and freedoms


3.Create a separate EU exit team to handle the divorce, recognising that it will be virtually impossible to negotiate with twenty seven countries. There seems to be a determined effort by too many people to make these negotiations very difficult or impossible or impossibly protracted.

In these circumstances our probable starting point is to trigger Article 50 and then to announce that we will consider any agreed proposal from the EU agreed by thee twenty seven member.

In the event of this being impossible then we will leave in twenty four months; that we now have to accept the possibility of being accused of  aiding and abetting corruption by transferring monies to organisations without audited accounts; ourt payments would any way reduce progressively to NlL by the end of the twenty four months.

In these circumstances the UK will negotiate Trade Agreements with whoever they want to, ready for implementation on the first day of freedom but no later than 23rd June 2019.

Scotland – We want a quick and dirty solution

Scotland – We want a quick and dirty solution

We really can’t stand the sound of this argument going on for years. We’ve had enough already and we want to concentrate on getting out the hole the Scottish Politicians and the Scottish Banks created.

They get their independence, now or within twelve months
We keep everything else. They came in bankrupt and leave the same way
Scottish MPs leave the UK Parliament forthwith
Because of the UK Tax-payers guarantees we keep Natwest, RBS and HBOS
We keep the Scottish named regiments, treated as the Gurkhas
We withdraw our air force, seamen and the submarine base and close our air bases. They can have and pay for their share of the Monarchy and the Royal Family.
No Scot in any UK (now English) Quangos as they all have to resign unless they apply for irrevocable English citizenship
No access to the Pound Sterling.
No Sottish Lords in the House of Lords
No international treaties.
No subsidies for trains, buses or planes crossing into Scotland. They will stop at the nearest station in England south of Hadrian’s Wall
No subsidies for arts, research, sport, etc
No special treatment, the Immigration rules as for EU citizens
No dual citizenship. Any Scot living in England has to opt in or opt out
No subsidies for postal services or telecoms
No right to use the Union Jack in any circumstance
No Credit, all services we need to provide for Scotland need to be paid for in advance because of the risk of default.

What to do about the EU

As far as I can see the Germans have won, With the exception of Frnace, Netherlands, Finland and Denmark they have stripped the southern countries of everything.
They have crucified their populations for daring to beat them at war They have ripped all the assets out of Spain, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Portugal – all the countries that put up a fight.
The Germans will send the Euro to the wall and will keep all the profits. The only solution is for the rest of the world to add a currency tax to all imports from Germany and to recycle the monies to the suffering states.
Later the Germans must be thrown out of the Euro. It’s the debtors who have the power not the creditors.

Exasperation with Scotland and the Scots

Exasperation with Scotland and the Scots

My personal exasperation with Scotland and the Scots has built up over many years. I can only give glimpses at the underlying causes, for example:

my best friend at school had a Scottish father, the family lived in England until the only school good enough for my friend was Edinburgh Academy, nothing in England was apparently good enough

one of my careers was as a Salesman but it was a hopeless task in Scotland for a Sassenach, as they refused to explore the opportunities of the specialist software from England which I was offering

the incredible arrogance that Scottish Chartered Accountants were better than English, now demonstrably rubbish as shown by their utter failure to build up any viable businesses in Scotland. (I wonder whether they need a lower valued currency than the Pound Sterling in order to survive.)

At RBS the Director of Security was forced out for demanding that the Sub-prime mortgages were indeed just that, so ‘Fred the Shred’ appointed his Director of Marketing into that role. Indeed the poacher turned game-keeper, the rest of the story is well-known,

The crazy economic policies of the Scottish son of a Scottish Presbyterian Minister, who seemingly had delusions of ‘Godness’

The gift of £6Bn to the EU on the very afternoon the labour government threw in the towel, another Scot…. and the final comment “there’s no money left!”

Finally the voice and style of Salmond…. “get thee gone.”

Now of course we come to the present day

Fred the Shred to lose his knighthood and his £13m pay-off and any earlier bonuses and pension pot (and that his self-satisfied Chairman gets the sack)

RBS owned by the English tax payer relocates to England

HBOS guaranteed by the UK Tac-payer therefore relocates to England

Barnett formula to be scrapped and payments limited to the average spend in England, immediately and to stop within twelve months

Scots studying at English universities have to pay at overseas fee levels,

Relocate the submarine base to Liverpool, Falmouth, Devonport or Portsmouth, costs charged to Scotland as they are the ones seeking separation, (debt to be fixed in Sterling to protect against devaluation)

Repay the cost of the Scottish Assembly building in full (debt fixed in Sterling)

All the so-called Scottish regiments to relocate south of he border with all their equipment. Recruitment to be largely from Scots , like the Gurkhas,

In the short term halve the number of Scottish MPs to bring them into line with English representation ratio

end the subsidy of Royal Mail deliveries and collections; separate Scottish Rail and charge Scotland for all the track, rolling stock and other assets; end all other hidden subsidies for example BT;

Replace all the Scottish voices on adverts etc. with English voices, eg Devonian, Welsh, Chinese, Afro, European, Indian, to better represent the modern English

Install Border Control along Hadrian’s Wall

In summary the English positively want to be rid of these interfering and incompetent twits. We’re fed up of hearing the their moans, suffering their arrogance and of their greed

Funding Growth – ideas requested by HMG

To :
Funding Growth –
Strategy: create a “local-business society,” a quantum leap for a nation of shop-keepers.

TACTIC ONE: Prominently flag UK goods and services to increase local sales and thus increase local profits

Obviously the traditional suppliers of funds are not satisfying this role and won’t be able to for many ears as they repair the damage of their losses,. Therefore we need a new look. The only place new money can come from is us, the people. It has to come from the people, so lets create a local-business society, a quantum step up from a nation of shop-keepers.
This is an ideal role for David Cameron’s ‘Big Society’ as we need everyone to be involved.
There are only four routes to fund growth:
increase profit
borrow the money
issue shares to raise more capital OR
reduce the levels of stock and debtors, thus using less money
To increase your profit you can increase your prices, reduce your costs, reduce tax rates or sell more.
Let’s take the last one, we can all help achieve this. If every business can be allowed to add the Union Jack (UJ) as a logo to show their inputs of imported goods and services are less than 20% of all inputs for that business. It will be clear to customers at all levels that the product or service with the ‘UJ’ Logo is the one for them to choose.
UK businesses make more sales and make more profits to fund more growth.
The amount of imported goods and services will also decrease as we buy more locally. In addition the government instead of syphoning off some of this profit could give a tax holiday on the increased profits for (say) three years.
Importers would be quick to re-arrange their imports so that the value fal;ls below the 20% level by doing local processing instead of buying it in ready-made.

To :
Funding Growth –
Strategy: create a “local-business society,” a quantum leap for a nation of shop-keepers.

TACTIC TWO: Locally funded “Local Investment Funds”

Obviously the traditional suppliers of funds are not satisfying this role and won’t be able to for many ears as they repair the damage of their losses,. Therefore we need a new look. The only place new money can come from is us, the people. It has to come from the people, so lets create a local-business society, a quantum step up from a nation of shop-keepers.
This is an ideal role for David Cameron’s ‘Big Society’ as we need everyone to be involved.
There are only four routes to fund growth:
increase profit
borrow the money
issue shares to raise more capital OR
reduce the levels of stock and debtors, thus using less money

We have new banks coming along to join the few untainted ones. Let these two groups create Local Investment Funds and then let them issue 5, 10 and 20 (*) year fixed term deposits where the tax payer/ investor gets 100% tax relief on upto £6000 invested each year. These could be named “Pension Bonds” and could be deducted from Gross Pay at any rate per month up to a maximum of £500 per month per payroll member, even pensioners.
The Local Investment Funds could fund loans or buy shares in local companies. They would publish details of their clients “Local Investment Fund Enterprises” (LIFEs) and the relationships with them eg whether and to what value they have loans or shares in them. The LIFs and LIFEs could be overseen by teams of local businessmen and the funds allocated by them. (Note: genuine businessmen not corporate executives or the self employed) and the interest, dividends and profits (and occasional losses) distributed to the LIF investors, free of any taxes.
Client LIFE businessmen could support monthly seminars to explain, once every six months, to their investors the effect their extra funding is having on their individual businesses and for example to report the number of new employees they have taken on.

*Interest rates could be set at the same level as CPI plus 1% for 5 yr bonds, CPI plus 2% for 10 yr bonds and CPI plus 4 % for 20 yr bonds, credited monthly. The Pension Bonds would mature to help provide further pensions.

To :
Funding Growth –

Strategy: create a “local-business society,” a quantum leap for a nation of shop-keepers.

Tactic Three: Name, shame and fine Late-paying Debtors

To Reduce the funding needs for debtors: Name and shame all organisations who do not pay their invoices by the date due. Even penalise them by a fine of fifty per cent of the sum(s) paid late, payable to the Exchequer, so that there’s no pressure on the supplier. (For disputed invoices the payment is paid into escrow.)
This not only reduces the funding need it also increases the velocity of money flowing through the economy.
Local companies will be required to publish details of all overdue unpaid accounts. They could also use the LIF teams and their monthly seminars.

To :
Funding Growth –

Strategy: create a “local-business society,” a quantum leap for a nation of shop-keepers.

Tactic Four: Encourage people who work out of town to think of themselves as ‘exporters’ brining their earnings back locally so that they can be used locally.

Encourage people to be less dependent on ‘imported’ goods and services and thus help their local area become more prosperous with more businesses and more jobs.

Encourage people to become better educated so that they get the job locally rather than a person ‘imported’ from elsewhere though the competition is tough and will increase. The result is less cost to the local society through reductions to their taxes.

We want our money back!(5)

We want our money back! (5)

Originally, say two to five thousand years ago, we all had equal rights and equal benefits based on the land and the sea, equal rights to life and happiness.

Then we had a series of events and activities where a few individuals helped themselves to other people’s wealth and chattels – theft and fraud, but there was no local law to stop them then.

We now know this was illegal, even if the theft was ‘legalised’ by parliament by for example the Enclosures Acts or the fraud was practised by the religions in manipulating the populace through fear or promising to deliver benefits which they couldn’t deliver, which is fraud.

The descendants are still enjoying an unearned benefit so we need to re-correct the situation. We need to equalise everyone’s rights and opportunities.

We want our money and our lands back!

All the current land-owners should be subject to a Land Usage Levy of a few per cent on the value of their land.

We all probably acknowledge that we need a some laws, some public servants, some defence capability, education and health services so why don’t we let the land – the asset owned by the nation, as a whole, fund the costs of these national services. We can let the annual Land Usage levy cover the costs of running the country.

It has been done before and we can do it again. We can also confiscate the church lands as a token gesture for them to apologise fro their misguided ethos and for causing us to join in so many wars.

We won’t actually get our money back but we should never again have to pay any income tax or other taxes on our earnings.

We want our money back! (4)

We want our Money Back (4)

By comparison with the exchange rate manipulation by China and Germany the cost of UK membership of the EU is almost minor.

Economists will never be able to agree on the total costs because the worst element, worse that our direct contributions to a fiscally incompetent and unaudited body, has been to downgrade our international competitiveness because of nit-picking laws that we don’t perceive as relevant.

It also accelerated an increase in public and civil servants, because someone had to exert control over businesses and other organisations to ensure these unnecessary rules were implemented.

It has also caused even more unemployment.

We Want our Money back!

Let’s call it quits if they repay, say, five hundred billion. They can then go on their way. To get the money we just deny them access to our markets and to their assets in the UK.

We can rebuild our manufacturing capabilities and create new industries

We can raise our health service to our original standards; improve care for the elderly; improve our pensions upto their (EU) current levels – if we want to.

Further to get rid of their legislative impact, we pass a law to no longer implement any statutory instrument and other law that originated in the EU, apparently eighteen thousand of them! Then we give our MPs the task of doing the work they were supposed to do over the last twenty years. They can work long hours of overtime and work their holidays. They can really earn the money they finagled from us over the fast fifteen years or so. They need to go through all these laws and re-authorise only those that pass scrutiny by teams of businessmen. Let’s also say that they are limited to one new law per day, so that we. the public, have a chance of hearing about them.

We want our money back! (3)

We want our money back (3)

So yet again we’re being stuffed by the bankers.

Well, we want our money back and we really don’t want you bankers to make a profit from incompetent and fraudulent business and financial dealings.

Simple, we pass a one-off special bankers earnings levy to collect fifty percent of the assets which the bankers and financiers accumulated by dealing in rubbish with sub-prime mortgages and complex derivatives or other complex names, plus investment and loans to weak countries, during the period 2006 to 2012. It can be based simply on a capital value basis on their total assets, not adjusted for ‘mark to market’ adjustments. Avoidance of the levy will incur special fines of two hundred per cent of the levy avoided and.

We want our money back! (2)

We want our money back (2)

So our poor hard-done-by neighbours, the Germans, were unhappy about the financial consequences of the First World War so they went to war again. Now, would you believe it, they were not happy with the financial outcome of that war either, even though they were given vast sums by the Americans to help them back on their feet.

Let’s suppose they vowed never to be in that position again.

They became a very successful, a major, high quality engineering and manufacturing country.

Then the problems started, they were too successful and their currency, the deutsche-mark, became stronger and stronger, so much so it became more and more difficult to sell their goods to the rest of the world.

So how to solve the problem of a strong currency.

Let’s suppose they decided to adopt some weak currencies so that we can keep doing our business internationally at an ‘acceptable exchange rate. We’ll pretend to invent a new political union with the worthwhile objective of stopping future wars in Europe, we can then get weak countries to subscribe to a common currency.

We benefit because our currency stays at the right level (for us). They benefit because they can borrow at very low interest rates as everyone will think that we will bankroll their incompetence. We can carry on depleting other countries strength and diluting their competences. We can attack their manufacturing capability and skills. We can build huge financial reserves and large overseas investments.

A great plan but with one slight weakness – the impossibility of controlling just how much these other countries would borrow to support their way of life. So much that eventually the bakers noticed and found that they couldn’t egt their money back.

Time for Germany to stand back and implement their original plan to “do nothing.” Actually the bill is so huge they probably can’t cover it. It’s currently estimated at two trillion dollars.
But we want our money back.

France, Germany and Spain were complicit in enabling their businesses to bloom in this artificial environmental buying companies and taking over major utilities and strategic operations in the hated England.
It is regrettable for them that to keep the farce going for as long as possible they encouraged their own banks to invest and to loan funds to banks, financial institutions and governments in all the weaker countries. However that is minor compared to the damage they will be able to do to America and Britain. Yet again through our stupid bankers.
Yet again a fraudulent currency exchange rate device has given them a huge benefit.

Well, we want our money back.

To stop any more money going out we put a stop to buying goods made in Spain, France and Germany. Yet again in ‘letters a mile high’ on every piece of packaging and advertising,even for only one component.
Then we confiscate all the assets they acquired using their fraudulent exchange rate device. The assets can be owned by the state and sold at the right time to new investors , or even to the British people, when they have recovered confidence in the ‘only system that works.’

For the long term either Germany will have to accept a much, much higher exchange rate, as the deucheuro. The French, the Spanish economies and the rest will be left to survive on their own as the ‘rest-euro’ as that was the original intention.

We want our money back! (1)

We want our money back

Lets pretend a tightly controlled country was jealous of a much smaller but much richer country.

Their government decided to use their mass of people to out-manufacture the little country. They would need to import the knowledge of how to do it and were very excited that they could organise their hundreds of millions of poor people to work for low wages in appalling conditions for very long hours and in so doing bring untold riches to their country.

So how to do it and to guarantee the continuance of that work.

Of course, they needed to load the dice in their favour but how? The problem was that if the plan is successful then world money markets would naturally adjust the value of their currency. So they rejected the floating exchange rate system the rest of the world use and demanded a fixed rate – just for a time until they got established.

The plan was even more successful than they thought possible in their wildest dreams, in only a few years they:
– became the manufacturing centre of the world causing thousands or even hundreds of thousands of businesses to go broke from Africa to Europe to America
– caused tens of millions of people throughout the world to lose their jobs
– caused an immense imbalances in payments across the world, in so doing brought down the value of their currencies

Then with their massive surplus :
– they started investing in top global firms from Banks to aircraft to airlines to auto and IT companies plus mining companies and shipping.
– They were able to lend America the vast sums they needed, so much
– The excess fuelled the sub-prime housing boom
– This in turn led to the banking crisis of 2008.
– This turn led to the Eurozone collapse.

According to recent research the cumulative drain on the USA exceeds five trillion dollars. With this money China is also building aircraft carriers and it’s military forces, developing a space race. They couldn’t believe their luck.

What can the world do?

We stop buying goods made in China or indeed goods which contain any components made in China.
We don’t need to do it straight-away,
We just need to announce that from six months time, say after Chinese New Year that all retail packaging has to show the phrase “Made in China” in letters not less in size than twenty per cent of the size of the packaging, whether retail, or outers or cartons or shipping and road containers.

We want our money back, we want our manufacturing back, we want our jobs back. Then we don’t mind fighting it out on a level-playing field.

But we still want our five trillion dollars back.

A good start will be to confiscate all China owned assets in America and the rest of the world. Then of course we want an on-going IPR charge for all the inventions they have copied by adding an IPR tax to all their imports, whether complex or simple.

May be China forgot that whilst they have a population of say sixteen hundred million the rest of the world has a population of nearly five billion.

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