We want our money back! (4)

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We want our Money Back (4)

By comparison with the exchange rate manipulation by China and Germany the cost of UK membership of the EU is almost minor.

Economists will never be able to agree on the total costs because the worst element, worse that our direct contributions to a fiscally incompetent and unaudited body, has been to downgrade our international competitiveness because of nit-picking laws that we don’t perceive as relevant.

It also accelerated an increase in public and civil servants, because someone had to exert control over businesses and other organisations to ensure these unnecessary rules were implemented.

It has also caused even more unemployment.

We Want our Money back!

Let’s call it quits if they repay, say, five hundred billion. They can then go on their way. To get the money we just deny them access to our markets and to their assets in the UK.

We can rebuild our manufacturing capabilities and create new industries

We can raise our health service to our original standards; improve care for the elderly; improve our pensions upto their (EU) current levels – if we want to.

Further to get rid of their legislative impact, we pass a law to no longer implement any statutory instrument and other law that originated in the EU, apparently eighteen thousand of them! Then we give our MPs the task of doing the work they were supposed to do over the last twenty years. They can work long hours of overtime and work their holidays. They can really earn the money they finagled from us over the fast fifteen years or so. They need to go through all these laws and re-authorise only those that pass scrutiny by teams of businessmen. Let’s also say that they are limited to one new law per day, so that we. the public, have a chance of hearing about them.

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