We want our money back! (2)

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We want our money back (2)

So our poor hard-done-by neighbours, the Germans, were unhappy about the financial consequences of the First World War so they went to war again. Now, would you believe it, they were not happy with the financial outcome of that war either, even though they were given vast sums by the Americans to help them back on their feet.

Let’s suppose they vowed never to be in that position again.

They became a very successful, a major, high quality engineering and manufacturing country.

Then the problems started, they were too successful and their currency, the deutsche-mark, became stronger and stronger, so much so it became more and more difficult to sell their goods to the rest of the world.

So how to solve the problem of a strong currency.

Let’s suppose they decided to adopt some weak currencies so that we can keep doing our business internationally at an ‘acceptable exchange rate. We’ll pretend to invent a new political union with the worthwhile objective of stopping future wars in Europe, we can then get weak countries to subscribe to a common currency.

We benefit because our currency stays at the right level (for us). They benefit because they can borrow at very low interest rates as everyone will think that we will bankroll their incompetence. We can carry on depleting other countries strength and diluting their competences. We can attack their manufacturing capability and skills. We can build huge financial reserves and large overseas investments.

A great plan but with one slight weakness – the impossibility of controlling just how much these other countries would borrow to support their way of life. So much that eventually the bakers noticed and found that they couldn’t egt their money back.

Time for Germany to stand back and implement their original plan to “do nothing.” Actually the bill is so huge they probably can’t cover it. It’s currently estimated at two trillion dollars.
But we want our money back.

France, Germany and Spain were complicit in enabling their businesses to bloom in this artificial environmental buying companies and taking over major utilities and strategic operations in the hated England.
It is regrettable for them that to keep the farce going for as long as possible they encouraged their own banks to invest and to loan funds to banks, financial institutions and governments in all the weaker countries. However that is minor compared to the damage they will be able to do to America and Britain. Yet again through our stupid bankers.
Yet again a fraudulent currency exchange rate device has given them a huge benefit.

Well, we want our money back.

To stop any more money going out we put a stop to buying goods made in Spain, France and Germany. Yet again in ‘letters a mile high’ on every piece of packaging and advertising,even for only one component.
Then we confiscate all the assets they acquired using their fraudulent exchange rate device. The assets can be owned by the state and sold at the right time to new investors , or even to the British people, when they have recovered confidence in the ‘only system that works.’

For the long term either Germany will have to accept a much, much higher exchange rate, as the deucheuro. The French, the Spanish economies and the rest will be left to survive on their own as the ‘rest-euro’ as that was the original intention.

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