Feb 2012 Some thoughts on Albufeira, Portugal. Looking with new eyes.

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Updated 21st March 2012. The Wall, of course, can you turn it into a benefit, a feature or a tourist attraction. The only thought I’ve had is to use it for a climbing wall. Invite two laders from six clibing clubs to get their ideas for the routest and how to fix the safety pulleys for the belays; and to see if they want to be invited to have excluive use for a week in return for controlling it’s use.
Feb 2012 Some thoughts on Albufeira, Portugal. Looking with new eyes.

"Alubfeira, looking with new eyes."
A new vision for the young people in Albufeira

“They” have spent a fortune with no immediate returns… worse still, “They” don’t know how to solve the problem “They” created.

Albufeira is aFeb 2012 Some thoughts on Albufeira, Portugal. Looking with new eyes. beautiful town; Due South so no jet lag, and a short flight with short airport transfer; Blue sky; Sandy Beach; Oranges; Clean, fresh and sparkling Atlantic Air; Friendly People; Mediterranean Diet; Wintertime Sun and warmth; good wine and port;

Lots of ‘Me Too’ very little uniqueness,

The Next Generation need to create a vision of what they want.
They’ve got a huge debt problem – so secede from Portugal and the EU and immediately default. They’ve got a vast number of empty properties which need to be filled for the bulk of the year, every year.

The Marina in Albufeira is so bad it’s difficult to know where to start – let’s fill the Albufeira marina with yachts less than 34 ft LOA – moorings free if yachts are made available or local skippers for skippered day charters; let’s paint the blocks white – lets plant orange trees everywhere – let’s move the monthly market down here – also a mobile crane to lift small boats (

Generally de-clutter Albufeira eg wring, cables, street signs, road markings (ban cars and lorries except between …0); plant orange trees everywhere you have an empty space; immediately repair any pavements; reduce the size of the fountains; fix the one desolate sea-front building asap; reduce the bus fares so that people don’t need cars; remove the plastic menu cards and employ staff who can speak foreign languages ( you’re in a global fight for foreign visitors) make the place photograph friendly; three strawberry festivals; fresh dates;

All elected officials and the top three/four layers of Civic servants to resign and retire on one third pensions as their decisions have meant we can’t afford to employ them or pay their pensions – in their place an emergency team creates itself . the APC Albufeira People’s Co-operative gets moving.

If construction developments in Albufeura do not markedly move forward within six months, then APC take-over and using volunteers get them smart and usable, or at least tidier.

Give the problem to your youngsters, they have to clear up this mess and create a good life for their families. One hint, Start with the least cost/ fastest profit items first.

Drivers, waitors and waitresses, skippers and crew, managers, retail people of all types, boatyard staff, entrepreneurs, accountants, lawyers, doctors, nurses, teachers, gardeners, hair stylists, manicurists, agriculturalists, agronomists, water supply engineers, chefs, cleaners, laundry staff,

Hold a Top Chef; Top Restaurant; Top Hotel awards; Top Photograph competition.

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