Exasperation with Scotland and the Scots

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Exasperation with Scotland and the Scots

My personal exasperation with Scotland and the Scots has built up over many years. I can only give glimpses at the underlying causes, for example:

my best friend at school had a Scottish father, the family lived in England until the only school good enough for my friend was Edinburgh Academy, nothing in England was apparently good enough

one of my careers was as a Salesman but it was a hopeless task in Scotland for a Sassenach, as they refused to explore the opportunities of the specialist software from England which I was offering

the incredible arrogance that Scottish Chartered Accountants were better than English, now demonstrably rubbish as shown by their utter failure to build up any viable businesses in Scotland. (I wonder whether they need a lower valued currency than the Pound Sterling in order to survive.)

At RBS the Director of Security was forced out for demanding that the Sub-prime mortgages were indeed just that, so ‘Fred the Shred’ appointed his Director of Marketing into that role. Indeed the poacher turned game-keeper, the rest of the story is well-known,

The crazy economic policies of the Scottish son of a Scottish Presbyterian Minister, who seemingly had delusions of ‘Godness’

The gift of £6Bn to the EU on the very afternoon the labour government threw in the towel, another Scot…. and the final comment “there’s no money left!”

Finally the voice and style of Salmond…. “get thee gone.”

Now of course we come to the present day

Fred the Shred to lose his knighthood and his £13m pay-off and any earlier bonuses and pension pot (and that his self-satisfied Chairman gets the sack)

RBS owned by the English tax payer relocates to England

HBOS guaranteed by the UK Tac-payer therefore relocates to England

Barnett formula to be scrapped and payments limited to the average spend in England, immediately and to stop within twelve months

Scots studying at English universities have to pay at overseas fee levels,

Relocate the submarine base to Liverpool, Falmouth, Devonport or Portsmouth, costs charged to Scotland as they are the ones seeking separation, (debt to be fixed in Sterling to protect against devaluation)

Repay the cost of the Scottish Assembly building in full (debt fixed in Sterling)

All the so-called Scottish regiments to relocate south of he border with all their equipment. Recruitment to be largely from Scots , like the Gurkhas,

In the short term halve the number of Scottish MPs to bring them into line with English representation ratio

end the subsidy of Royal Mail deliveries and collections; separate Scottish Rail and charge Scotland for all the track, rolling stock and other assets; end all other hidden subsidies for example BT;

Replace all the Scottish voices on adverts etc. with English voices, eg Devonian, Welsh, Chinese, Afro, European, Indian, to better represent the modern English

Install Border Control along Hadrian’s Wall

In summary the English positively want to be rid of these interfering and incompetent twits. We’re fed up of hearing the their moans, suffering their arrogance and of their greed

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