“Borneo Bulletin”, an extract, a view from the Far East.

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Borneo Bulletin, 24th March 2010, a view from the Far East.

An English Language newspaper published half way round the world, half a world away.

You immediately notice that there are numerous words added to the English Language because they are needed for this area. You notice that the quality of the English used is not the same as the Daily Telegraph or as good as The Straits Times (published in Singapore..)

Unusually, and wholly correctly, Muslim names are quoted in full and this may require sixteen words. Regretfully Islam takes credit for work, products, pharmaceutical drugs and other items which they are just passing off s their’s or are implementing, for example the vaccine for fighting the H1V1 virus. There is no clear attribution to the actual developers and owners of the patents.

Good NEWS, 1. Sixteen North Korean asylum seekers made it through China and Laos, crossing the Mekong River and so into Thailand after twenty days of walking. 2. There’s a new hydro-electric Power Station just going live in Laos which will supply $2 Billion worth of electricity to Thailand. over the next twenty five years.

– Dubai has retracted a decision to implement a law banning the use of alcohol in cooking, instead these foods must be treated as non-Halal and kept totally separate before, during and after preparation.

– Scalloped smooth and great hammerhead sharks and Oceanic Whitechip sharks are freely used to make sharks fin soup. The fishermen even just cut off the fins and throw the damaged sharks back to the sea to die.

– Indian Military have give authority for the manufacture of Chilli Grenades, these grenades will include chilli powder from ‘bhut jolokia’ with a strength of one million Scoville units.

– Richard Branson’s VSS Enterprise had its first test flight and is due to start commercial operations in 2012.

– India launches its luxury Maharaja train service running from Kolcota to New Delhi and Mumbai to New Delhi.

– UN reports more deaths from unsafe water than from wars.

– Peruvians harvesting the water from coastal fog, using nets.

– Bill Gates with Terrapower and Toshiba are in discussions about creating a ‘city-sized’ nuclear power station’ using depleted trainband capable of running for a hundred years without refuelling.

– Mareta Suzuki produce one million cars in India last year taking fifty percent of the market.

– Hissa Hilal wins 47 out a maximum of fifty for her poetry entitled “The Chaos of Fatwas”. If she wins the prize is 1.3million dollars. Written in the Bedouin dialect poetry Nabati. She raises the issues of Wearing a full ”Abaya” totally cloaking her face, she spoke criticising strict segregation, blasting fatwas that reject allowing women to get jobs that are currently reserved for men only, fighting extremism. Some men do not even shake hands with female family members as they did in the past. About fatwas issued even just last month calling for those promoting mixed sexes in education and at the workplace to be put to death. No longer Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, now spreading to Egypt, Jordan and Syria.

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