AMD – getting better (?)

getting better (?)

I was appalled when I learned I had Dry AMD, but then at my age I had been using my computer a lot and the screen was bright.
Three actions:
– reduce brightness of screen
– reduce hours of computer use
– take 40mg of Luiein a day (2 X 20mg FSC, not ICAPS) The original tests were based on 20-30mg per day, but I’m a big lad so I reckoned 40mg would be handy.Results in six weeks: now reading the newspaper again; watching TV better; seeing oncoming traffic more easily; focusing on faces better; no longer adjusting font sizes on computer.

Cured, no, it’s ‘age-related’ so it’ll come back. Getting better probably. Due for another test in July when we can measure any improvement by comparing OCT images.

HISTORY: My optician decided I had a problem and referred me to the senior partner (an Ophthalmologist) for an OCT examine 31st July 2010; identified Dry AMD using latest OCT machine with 127 images per eye, producing classic pictures of the damage; four weeks later Eye Hospital found no AMD but they were using an old OCT machine with three images per eye; eight weeks later second opinion at different eye hospital, they found NO Dry AMD but again using an old OCT machine with seven images per eye. Followed up with research on Internet found about Lutein and started about six weeks ago.


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Postby cliffjenkins » Thu Feb 10, 2011 9:23 am

Since writing the previous post, I realise that I failed to adequately describe my white hot fury at the pompous ‘eye specialists’ who told me there was nothing wrong.
I then went on to write a piece of prose about the loss of my sight, that I was going to send to the press but I decided that it wouldn’t have any effect. I have since published it as part of ‘An Englishman’s Life’ available at the Kindle Store for 91p.In writing this piece of prose it is possible that I told my brain just how important my eyesight was, it suddenly realised that this was serious and itself kicked into gear to help out. Certainly the distortion I was also getting from right eye is getting less and I really don’t think that’s anything to do with Lutein.

I am very serious in my opinion about the power of our brains, I think we may be under-estimating its strength possibly by as much as a thousand fold.


PS I also forgot to mention that I got a Kindle so that I could read books and magazines more easily. Brilliant.

An auspicious start leading to momentous happenings

Tomorrows’ Winds”Tomorrows' Winds Cover

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I felt he could have written a much larger book or even given some of his ideas a book of their own to explore them more fully. I’m now intrigued to see how many new ideas are in his next book.”

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If I can do it, then it must be straightforward!

If anyone wants to then I’m prepared to join and support a Kindle Writers and Publishers Club in Brighton and / or on-line.

Happy New Year.

“Tomorrows’ Winds” is published and available on Amazon

Bring back the “Penny Dreadfuls”. I think that the Kindle Singles are the modern equivalent of the Penny Dreadful. So I would be proud to follow Charles Dickens lead and publish my books in monthly episodes as he did.My first books “Power and Peace” and “the Englishman’s Life” have been uploaded and can be read at Authonomy They are not as yet ‘published’. “Tomorrows’ Winds” has been published and is available at Amazon . At Lulu its also available as an ebook.

My current work is to break up the next book Tomorrows’ Tides” into several episodes and to publish then as Kindle Singles. So far I’ve completed two “The Growth of Knowledge” and “The Place of God”. There are three more to do. “Tasty Problems”, Living in Burj Brighton” and “Progress”

“The Englishman’s Life” is also being prepared for publishing on Kindle Singles.
I have yet to decide whether to edit “Power and Peace” into a Kindle Single.

Finally the next book “Tomorrows’ Storms” is already half-written and may be broken into episodes for Kindle Singles.

Power and Peace, now published on Amazon Kindle

Power & Peace, 16297 words, the original work on which the Tomorrows’ fiction books are based.How do we get better than we are? WE – whether in Brighton, in Britain, in the ‘West’ or in the World. How can we go about the process of getting better.

This is a series of personal observations and interpretations by a person trying to understand how we got to where we are (Where are ‘we’? Who are ‘we’?) and to look at various scenarios for our future world and also of Britain’s role within it.

Whilst it’s as good as I can get it, I acknowledge regretfully that it’s an imperfect piece of work. Hopefully it is a thought provoking view which might cause some people to think about how they would want the world to work or how we can work together to look after our world; how we in Britain can organise ourselves; and hopefully to get other people to look at how they can best organise themselves.

This book is about picking up strands of evidence, interpreting them, interpolating them and trying to visualise possibilities and options for the future. It’s also about trying to find if there may be a rational philosophy for a vision for the future.

If I’m not satisfied that there is a god, as I’m not, is it possible to create a revised ethos for our society such that the whole world could subscribe to it and which could co-exist with the religions of the world.

If Christianity is supposed to be based on ‘turn the other cheek’ and ‘love thy neighbour as oneself’ why have half the wars, ever fought, been between religions (in this meaning ‘Communism counts as a religion, a state religion’) Come to think of it why do people feel they need to kill each other? Isn’t there a better way than this?

The Good News is that we do have the first plank in enabling such a society to come into being, for the first time in the history of the world we virtually all speak the same language. Without the English language the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in 2010 could not have happened.

Rather than be sad that an agreement couldn’t be reached we should be overjoyed that representatives from one hundred and ninety two countries met and talked in (largely) one language about one of the problems facing us all.

However will it ever be possible to achieve agreement across the whole world?

Well, we can move forward, we can talk to each other and try to learn how to agree, or at least to learn how to stop disagreeing so vehemently or so violently.

Facing us for the immediate future are the actual and possible risks of:
– continuous on-going minor wars
– food and water shortages
– power shortages
– major war

So we need to get better than we are.
So how do we get better than we are?

“Borneo Bulletin”, an extract, a view from the Far East.

Borneo Bulletin, 24th March 2010, a view from the Far East.

An English Language newspaper published half way round the world, half a world away.

You immediately notice that there are numerous words added to the English Language because they are needed for this area. You notice that the quality of the English used is not the same as the Daily Telegraph or as good as The Straits Times (published in Singapore..)

Unusually, and wholly correctly, Muslim names are quoted in full and this may require sixteen words. Regretfully Islam takes credit for work, products, pharmaceutical drugs and other items which they are just passing off s their’s or are implementing, for example the vaccine for fighting the H1V1 virus. There is no clear attribution to the actual developers and owners of the patents.

Good NEWS, 1. Sixteen North Korean asylum seekers made it through China and Laos, crossing the Mekong River and so into Thailand after twenty days of walking. 2. There’s a new hydro-electric Power Station just going live in Laos which will supply $2 Billion worth of electricity to Thailand. over the next twenty five years.

– Dubai has retracted a decision to implement a law banning the use of alcohol in cooking, instead these foods must be treated as non-Halal and kept totally separate before, during and after preparation.

– Scalloped smooth and great hammerhead sharks and Oceanic Whitechip sharks are freely used to make sharks fin soup. The fishermen even just cut off the fins and throw the damaged sharks back to the sea to die.

– Indian Military have give authority for the manufacture of Chilli Grenades, these grenades will include chilli powder from ‘bhut jolokia’ with a strength of one million Scoville units.

– Richard Branson’s VSS Enterprise had its first test flight and is due to start commercial operations in 2012.

– India launches its luxury Maharaja train service running from Kolcota to New Delhi and Mumbai to New Delhi.

– UN reports more deaths from unsafe water than from wars.

– Peruvians harvesting the water from coastal fog, using nets.

– Bill Gates with Terrapower and Toshiba are in discussions about creating a ‘city-sized’ nuclear power station’ using depleted trainband capable of running for a hundred years without refuelling.

– Mareta Suzuki produce one million cars in India last year taking fifty percent of the market.

– Hissa Hilal wins 47 out a maximum of fifty for her poetry entitled “The Chaos of Fatwas”. If she wins the prize is 1.3million dollars. Written in the Bedouin dialect poetry Nabati. She raises the issues of Wearing a full ”Abaya” totally cloaking her face, she spoke criticising strict segregation, blasting fatwas that reject allowing women to get jobs that are currently reserved for men only, fighting extremism. Some men do not even shake hands with female family members as they did in the past. About fatwas issued even just last month calling for those promoting mixed sexes in education and at the workplace to be put to death. No longer Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, now spreading to Egypt, Jordan and Syria.

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