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Our eyes, Our Wonderful eyes.

Our eyes were designed for rural and forestry living. We’ve only had electric or gas lighting for one hundred of the millions of years over which we have developed our eyes. Just one hundred years, less than the blink of an eye, no wonder they are serious risk. […]

Open letter to Macular Society re Lutein v AMD

Research supports the theory that high macular pigment levels may reduce your risk of AMD or its progression.Macular pigment can be increased by taking supplements with lutein or zeaxanthi […]

Gluten Free in Hove and Brighton, Sussex

Cluten Free Lunches in Hove and Brighton If I’m in or around Brighton or Hove I have some great restaurants to choose from and I’m delighted to recommend any of them to you: Donatello’s Italian restaurant in the Lanes. When having Pasta just specify gluten free – just as easy as that, […]

Full review – Gluten Free in Shoreham By Sea Sussex,

Full review – Gluten Free in Shoreham By Sea Sussex, October 2012. Tosca’s and Brio hva egluten-free pasta that they do very nicely. At the Larlipins I ahve jacket potatoes with steak and salad The Bridge Inn similarly are very helpful and always provide me with a lovely meal, usually with fish. […]

AMD & Cliff’s Action Plan

Cliff’s personal action plan, a schematic.

develop your own personal plan

1. Take Food Supplements Drosen is dead cells not washed away, so I take Lutein and Zeaxanthin with the zinc supplement and vitamin b12. I take 80mg, rather than 10mg because one always lives in hope. 2. Look Beyond. I’m using my brain […]

What Music means for me

AND the good news is tioday’s break-through because rather than waiting to try to get Musescore.org on my (Ubuntu) computer I decided to […]

AMD -Hints and tips for coping

Hints and tips, strategies for copin with AMD or other Visual Impairmentg, Hold your left thumbnail straight down and use this…. […]

A look back at Snowdon.

It was only when I started looking at Google maps that I realised just how much of Snowdonia I have tramped across. The Glydyrs, the Carnedds, Tryfan and of course Snowdon. So fifty years on and with my poor eyesight […]

AMD- Three years on AND NOW THERE’S MORE

Bring it on AMD Three Years On, and now for the next thirty years, […]

Just Giving – Cliff’s Blind Walk

I’m asking you to give to the macula Society because they help people come to …… […]