AMD -Hints and tips for coping

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Hints and tips, strategies for coping with AMD or other Visual Impairmentg

Hold your left thumbnail straight down and use this as a rest of when slicing onions etc. And similar for sawing !ogs though using your knuckle instead of your nail.

Throw away mugs with dark inside as it needs to contrast with the liquid, coffee etc

Always a contrast, brown eggs not white. For growing or cut flowers lways look at contrast. Green with yellow. Purple with white. Green with white. Cream with red.
Yellow with black.

Boots I reckon are a must, because of rough walking … kerbs and bad pavements. Clothing for any weather is also critical.
Work out your safest route, starting with a short walk, gradually working further afield.

Learnt this week, gently tap a nail in, then spot the head accurately and let the hammer swing on to it

Learn to use a tablet or Smartphone. Future-proof Moto G £ 153.

Large print picture childrens books, for reading to grandchildren

AND then there’s the Nexus. for I calendar, news, weather, books, notes, email, music, reminders, camera, magnifier, crossword puzzles, web site favorites, to do list, phone no’s, pictures and photos.

Always choose colourful food, not mashed pots, cauliflower, poached plaice. . Choose squash, roast pots, peas, carrots, meat etc

Get certificate for Visual Impairment / bus pass. MUST

Use tablet for audible alams / alerts

Monocular, for reading bus,plane and train destination / departure boards.

Only drink RED wine and always get screw top bottles.


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