LUTEIN – The Macular Society’s Comments

LUTEIN is crucial to healthy eyes. […]

Forecast the Future – New Materials, Graphene – cj4

Forecast for New Materials and Graphene No forecast could miss out Graphene. There will be other materials though in the meantime Ill look at Graphene. […]

Forecast the Future – The Grwoth of Cities, cj3

Forecasting the Future – start with the past and add in some Black Swans. The Growth of Cities: – the growth of the cities, architecture, engineering, new materials, ideas, technologies […]

Forecast the Future – Knowledge and Science – cj2

The word ‘science’ is derived from the Latin ‘Scio’ meaning I know or ‘sciere’ to know., so knowledge and science are the same thing. Everything that follows here comes from what we knew ten thousand years ago; what we knew in 1900 GMT; what we know now (year 2012 GMT) and what we will know tomorrow and further into the future. […]

Forecasting the Future – cj1.

Forecasting the Future – start with the past and add in some Black Swans The Starting Points:- – the growth of knowledge and its implementation: genetics; bionics; robotics; neurology; stem cells; gerontology; […]

Published “Tomorrow’s Winds”, available as Print on Demand or ebook

Published “Tomorrow’s Winds,” available as Print on Demand or ebook. It was an amazing experience writing it, amending it, editing it and finally publishing it. I actually enjoyed the whole process, even if I did find it frustrating at times. It runs to only 100 or so pages (This compares […]

The Englishman’s Life, now on Kindle.

The Englishman’s Life (18,924 words.) by Cliff Jenkins. My perception of the world, presented in popular poetry and prose; fun and frolics; pain and pleasure; sadness and sunshine; with a touch of realism. It’s the story of one Englishman, who suddenly sat back and said […]