When I look around at all my bits and pieces I wonder why I need them all and then of course each one is critical for me...

Appendix 5 Bits and pieces I use

Winning against AMD.


Appendix 5 Bits and Pieces I Use.

What I have found, over the last nine years, that are useful in making my life easier, so you may find the list useful for new ideas for yourself:-

  • Large type Scrabble set.
  • Large tile Mahjongg set.Plastic pimples to stick on things.
  • Sticky labels to stick on microwave and toaster.Kitchen scales with large print and audible weight results.
  • Self-lit magnifying glasses, 16 and 22 Diopters.
  • Cooker hob with clear numbers.
  • Artificial flowers for the garden.
  • Yellow tinted reading glasses, very dark tinted glasses, spare yellow tinted glasses.
  • Telescopic white stick.
  • Lenovo tablet for easy reading.
  • 30” TV screen plugged into my refurbished Dell laptop so that I can read and write emails etc.
  • CPC large keyboard, with white keys and black lettering, set on a Black surround.
  • Hotter waterproof shoes.
  • Phonak Hearing Aids.
  • Double-sided sticky tape – sticks tom one part and then you can find and attach the other.
  • Large numbers on kitchen scales


Every single one is a WINNER.


There is no conclusion here. We are all in a constant, all be it, gentle  on-going battle to live the best life we can.

I hope I have given you an Action Plan, or at least lots of  ideas to try, as you create your own WINS.

Cliff Jenkins.

19th December 2018.



Winning against AMD – Age-related Macular Degeneration

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