In the future we will all be using our computers even more.

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In the future we will all be using our computers even more.
14th January, upgraded our broadband to Voipadvantage and reduced our costs. The speeds are now 6.1mbs download and 865k upload and the line is weighted in favour of VoIP now matter what we’re using the internet for. I can already say its much better.
11 January 2011. I’ve recently purchased a Panasonic Blu-ray player. It has an Ethernet port, so I’ll be linking that to my eeePC to see what happens. – Good try but the manual referred to an Ethernet port that doesn’t exist!

Updated 7th January 2011. I’m now well into using my Kindle and I love it. I’ve converted my books using Amazon e-publishing and they are all available at the Kindle store. Now I’m updating my new website, with major help from my son in creating it. Finally I’m now starting to run my campaign to be elected as a local councillor, using my computers.

Updated 20th Nov 2009. I’m now experimenting with using Photoshop and GIMP to see whether I can create original art, rather than art from manipulating photographs. But do I need to. What’s the difference between creating an sketch of how I want the picture to look and using a photograph as my base point?

Original entry 3rd November 2009. In the future we will all be using our computers even more.

Currently I use my computer to:

  1. look at the latest news when I log onto the Internet using Google news, personalised for Shoreham news and F1 motor racing: and also to The Telegraph.
    2. Belong to an on-line gardening club
    3. Belong to U3A University of the Third Age.
    4. Manage my bank accounts, to make direct payments and to receive electronic payments.
    5. buy seeds, from my favourite seed suppliers; also to buy DVDs; walking gear; holidays and flights; telephone equipment;. 0
    6. Identify butterflies, birds, trees via Google Images.
    7. Buy images to illustrate documents and letters I’m writing.
    8. Search for details of tonight’s TV films & programmes.
    9. Drive our VoIP telephone, for low cost calls across the world and for voice messages,
    10. Link “Spotify” for on-line music either to the TV or to the 5.1 surround sound system; I have copied my CDs onto my 16Gb Memory stick for direct use.
    11. Project electronic pictures onto my TV screen, either my own photographs or images I have purchased.
    12.Send and receive emails, both personal and ‘sales offers’ eg Thomson holidays and Easyjet.
    13. Look at hotels’ own web sites for views of the rooms, swimming pool, dining room, lounge, views to the sea or the hills; details of other facilities and guests’ comments.
    14. Maintain my diary using “eLinkUk” hosted service (free-of-charge for single users) as I can link each of the entries for example to my doctor, to my ‘health’ project; or for booking lunch out; similarly I file all important emails (and scanned documents) to the sender (by person and by organisation) and projects (new TV etc).
    15. Look up equipment manuals on-line to save keeping them and then finding the right one; filing purchase and guarantee details, all cross-referenced to suit me.
    16. Maintain my ‘Gluten Free’ blog about restaurants I visit.
    17. maintain my “Future Britain” blog on policies and politics.
    18. Synchronise my mobile phone automatically for contacts and diary entries and therefore to an automatic alarm system on my mobile.
    19.Run an alarm system for birthdays.
    20. Edit and store my photographs.
    21. Keep details of what vegetables I grow in which beds at the allotment; and what seeds I have ready for next year.
    22. Keep details of all CDs, books and DVDs.
    23. Keep details of recipes we find.
    24. Find out about places we are about to visit, including a bird’s eye view from Google Earth; coarse economic information from CIA; detail road map from Google Maps.
    25. Find out the time of the next bus; book train tickets; see what’s on at the cinema;
    26. Use in-line foreign language dictionaries.
    27. Use on-line dictionaries for rhyming words.
    28. Renew my car tax and household insurances.
    29, Create an art gallery for my TV.
    30. Get the weather forecast, from ECMRWF,
    31. Play Patience.
    32. Chase down problems and solutions on new domestic equipment.

I take my Eee PC with me when I travel, (also my Memory stick, my VoIP phone, my camera and mobile phone.) This has Windows XP with Microsoft Works and MS Outlook for email. At home, I link this to the large screen TV with Quadrophonic sound.

I also use an old tower PC running Ubuntu 9.10, linked to my printer / scanner, for Open Office 3.1 with word-processing, spreadsheet and presentation software and GIMP photo-editing software. This PC has a new 1360×768 screen plus a 5.1 surround sound system.

So this morning, I’m sitting reading the morning paper, listening to Ackerbilk and on the TV, as a painting, is a beautiful Kandinsky, yesterday it was a Modigliani. I’ve dealt with my morning emails. Within the hour I’m due to work on my allotment, when I’ve finished my coffee. Cheers.

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