Goppo’s rhyme and frosts for health and safety

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Goppo’s rhyme and frosts for health and safetySo,Health and Safety here we go
Quite a comic tale of woe
Playing conkers?can’t do that
Save one wears a stiff hard hat
Rolling cheeses is tradition
Fill in forms and beg permission
Coastguards’ flares have now been banned
Torches must light up the sand
Acorns falling from the trees
Will surely bring you to your knees

Warning signs proliferate
Health and Safety’s in full spate!
‘Shingle beaches are not level
Venture there at your own peril’
And here perhaps the daftest yet
‘Care! park benches may be wet’!

Now in somewhat serious vein
We often hear this same refrain
Some hospitals are none too clean
Bring back Matron-that’s the dream
Potholes too are worth a mention
Causing havoc with suspensions
Now what’s this wheeze for saving lolly
Cut out street lights-oh how jolly
C’mon c’mon,make it hasty
Let’s have REAL Health and Safety

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