Gluten Free in Torrevieja, Spain

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We’ve found the most delightful restaurant in TorreBlanca. on the bus route from Torrevieja to La Mata. We visited it every year for the last five years. It’s calles “Cerveceria Balcon De Lomas.” and it’s used by the Spanish. There are four of us so we ask for a large ‘Tortilla Easpanola’ with Ensalata Mixta.’
I know it sounds crazy but we all agree we can’t get the same taste and flavour at home. Just a simple Spanish omellete and a mixed salad but they make them something special.
The other dish we ask them to make is a Paella. We chose Marisco (seafood) rather than chicken or rabbit.
AND their house wine is always very good.

In the local Mercadona we found GF cakes (I had taken Genius bread and Tesco’s choco;ate with me.)

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