Key notes about Gluten free restaurants 2018

A year later, and I can simplify my choices:-


National chains are great, eg. Wetherspoons, Zizzi`s, Carlucio`s, Cote Brasserie, Pizza Express, Pizza Hut, MacDonalds. For us this means a short bus ride to Brighton.

Locally in Shoreham-By-Sea we like Chambers, Toscas, Indian Cottage  Tandoori,; in   Worthing it`s Food, Thai Street Food, and Indigo.

Whilst there is greater availability, my stomach has decided wine is better than beer and no ice cream, for the moment.

Full review – Gluten Free in Shoreham By Sea, Brighton and Worthing, Sussex,

Full review – Gluten Free in Shoreham By Sea, Brighton, Worthing and Hove, Sussex,

My grandson (‘FG’,6 years old.) has now been diagnosed as a Coeliac, September 2016, so the primary emphasis has moved to include children’s needs, so the whole family is included.

I’m suggesting a virtual journey around our area, visiting restaurants in Italy, France, America, Mexico, Greece, India, Turkey, Bangladesh, Peru,  England, Thailand, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Japan. Join us and join in the fun.


Ice Cream:

Italy, (ice cream was invented by the Romans.) Pizza Hut’s soft ice cream machine is GF. Serve yourself. 15th OCTOBER 2016. Beautiful Italian Ice Cream. FG’s verdict “Ten Yums”

Tom Foolery café, Shoreham High Street – good choice of coffees and some GF cake or pastry plus Marshfield Farm ice cream. Lack of knowledge so only choose Chocolate chip Mint flavour.20th Novemberr 2016. Location.

Macaris sea front Worthing…everything except cookies and cream are Gluten Free. 17th October 2016. Location.

Worthing Lido shop – GF Ice Cream in a tub. Marshfield September 2016. Location.

Worthing, Food Retaurant is very good. Location.

Tosca’s restaurant in Shoreham By Sea – ice cream with or without Chocolate Brownie, a sprig of mint and a chocolate finger! 25th September 2016. Location.

Theatre Royal Brighton provide Beechdean GF Ice Creams.

Brighton Beach Ice cream;   through the tunnel at the end of West Street and first on the right. Huge selection. FG’s verdict on banana and chocolate, three YUMs. August 2016.

Beechdean Ice Creams are all Gluten Free, 25th October 2016

Marshfield Farm ice cream in tubs is all gluten free; four of the scoop tub ones are not,  namely Raspberry Pavlova; Chocolate Fudge Brownie; Gingerbread in Clotted Cream; Cookies and Cream”


Cafés/ fast food

 MacDonalds, Shoreham, Holmbush and Worthing – [America. Peru, West Africa.]  Beef bruger or chicken and fries or hash browns with any of the sauces or dips, except sweet and sour plus  Salad. Couple of choices for dessert.  FRIES. FG’s verdict “Four YUMS” Location. Good coffee. 26th November 2016.

KOOKs Gardner Street, Brighton. Just when I needed a Chocolate Brownie and a glass of wine, they delivered. Good range of snacks. 10th October 2016, Location,

Ropetackle Café, Shoreham, GF jacket potatoes, toasted GF sandwiches, cake and coffee. 5th October 2016, . . Location.

Panissa Coffee Shop,  |Southwick Square Café – Excellent Carrot Cake and  cup of tea. 4th October 2016.  Location.

Carats Cafe, Southwick, All-day Breakfast, your selection; eg bacon, eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, baked beans, and SAUTE potatoes heated in an oven. Also Pipers Crisps (Yellow and blue packets are GF). August 2016. Location.

Brighton Beach Paddling Pool café, under the Arches; GF fruit bar and very good coffee;

Gardner Street Brighton (Komedia) café – toasted sandwich, cake, wine, October 2016. Also two cafés (Manor and the Larder)next door to each other owned by the same people so what one doesn’t have next door does, whether its wine or cake. (This time not so good, had to go to Kooks , two doors along. October 2016).

Dome Vintage Tea Room, Worthing, Toasted ham and cheese sandwich with crisps and salad…. and a glass of wine. Today choose your ingredients GF all day breakfast. Excellent. Location. 17 October 2106.

The Artisan café, Shoreham, chocolate brownie or taosted sandwiches, all-day breakfast, extensive cold salad choices. 17th October 2016. (with a glass of wine.)

The Plaice in the Square, Southwick, GF Fish and Chips, MTW only. They like twenty minutes warning to prepare the batter. Location and phone no.


Pubs / Bars

I shall shortly be checking out Wetherspoons as they are back onmy horizon. Their CF menu looks good and then there’s the apple crumble, bring it on. 8th January 2017.

GF Beer: The Cow Shed, Worthing sea front opp. the Pier, has GF Beer. 17th October 2016. Location.

GF Beer: The Evening Star, just down from Brighton Station serves gluten free lager/ beer, OK OK so it’s bottled but at least they have it and you can enjoy it. September 2015.Location.

GF Beer: The Duke of Wellington, Shoreham, serves gluten free lager/ beer, OK OK so it’s bottled but at least they have it and you can enjoy it.  Plus GF ‘Real’ crisps. October 2016. Location.

The Bridge Hotel, Shoreham By Sea – Fish Pie with seasonal vegetables at the Bridge.   Excellent pie and the Bridge has a garden overlooking the River Adur. Lovely staff, limited GF menu. Location.

The Rising Sun, Upper Beeding. It always seems high risk, but the chef checks with you personally and we always work out something that’s good and well priced. Location. , where the Henfield Road comes into Upper Beeding. It’s better for GF than the Kings Head. June 2016.

Wetherspoons (Brighton Marina, George St., Hove and Worthing) – used to be very good because they had CHIPS which these days are gone. They may do a GF Curry but I need to confirm this.

Harvester has given me a mixed view. Near Marlow and the M40 junction they were excellent after a momentary panic. In Brighton it was not a happy experience though the food was indeed GF. Similarly with the Worthing one. So no clear recommendation.

All the Wadsworth’s pubs and restaurants in the South West upto Hampshire and Gloucestershire.



Chambers Restaurant, High Street Shoreham, very smart, and the chef knows what he’s doing. Great food, an excellent lunch menu and good wine. Now with a gluten- free menu. January 2017. Location.

Liming, Mexican restaurant in Worthing, extensive GF choice including kids. 7th Jan 20`7. FG awarded Ten YUMs plus a plus five YUMs for the nachos. Ice cream was excellent particularly with the caramel sauce. Location.

India / Bangladesh. The Indian Cottage, High Street, Shoreham, they use gram flour – avoid the nan bread and chappatis, and you can ask for a small portion and also with no or low sugar. Pappadums are made with urlich flour and rice flour. LJ’s verdict “Ten YUMs” 26th October 2016. Location.

Thailand, Thai Street Food, Bath Place, Worthing. The team, particularly the chef knows her business. The soy problem and the noodles. Yellow mild curry was delicious. 24th October 2016. Location. ]A second visit later, was even more popular with everyone. FG Three YUMS, LJ Four YUMS.]

Italy. Tosca’s in Shoreham By Sea – GF garlic bread, Beef Stroganoff (GF version) a great family lunch. Normally GF penne supplied with a wide range of GF sauces. Also very good GF pizzas. with GF pepperoni.Smart restaurant. 14th October 2016. Location.

Italy. Pizza at Pizza Hut, near Churchill Square;, always have extra tomatoes – great for children…and there’s Italian Ice Cream. May 2016. .Location. FG’s verdict – “Pizza 3 Yums, Pizza with tomato, cheese, ham and chicken.Ice cream with chocolate sauce “10 Yums.” (by the way colours of tomato, Mozarello cheese and Basil are the colours of their national flag!)

Bankers Express, Hov – GF Fish and chips, with mushy peas, on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Beautiful piece of cod. FRIES. August 2016. Location.

France. Steak Frites at Cote , Brighton – FRIES. “Straight from France”. C’est magnifique.” Also chicken and fries. Plus apple sorbet with Calvados. August 2015. Location.  Link to main web site to find and book a table anywhere.  I’ve visited one in Birmingham and also the one near Victoria station – just brilliant.

Italy. Carluccio’s, Brighton; – always good and good wine, I usually have GF Pasta or the Goat’s Cheese salad… and there’s a Tesco round the corner to get some chocolate. July 2016. . . Location.

Fish Factory; Worthing, no chips. The food is beautiful. July 2016. Location.

“Food” Worthing, including real burger and real chips. very good  and the ice cream is good too, 5th December 2016. Location.

February 2016. Royal George carvery, Shoreham – every thing except the gravy and cauliflower cheese. Very popular prices, excellent if you’re really hungry! Location,

2015. We also had a superb family meal at the Arun View in Littlehampton, overlooking the River Adur…. with a west facing terrace and a superb meal. Location.

The Toll Gate, Bramber – carvery and cold table, excellent food, and a huge choice of desserts,  (Best of all) knowledgeable staff, Location.

Italy. Zizzi’s, Brighton, location.  Zizzi’s are good whatever town you visit. So looking for a restaurant in a  new place then it’s easier. Link to main site for finding and booking a table anywhere.

Zizzi’s, Cote, Carluchio’s and Cafe Rouge are all great choices. Plus Pizza Hut, Pizza Express and Domino’s are all great.

Crab Shack, Worthing, I’ll keep it simple. I won’t go there again. 30th November 2016


AND the new ones

Spain, Aguadulce Brighton.Various GF dishes.

Brazil, Touro, Brighton

Poland, Lavenda, Worthing.

Bangladesh. Mahan Worthing, almost everything OK even the pappadoms, though not the chapatis and naan bread. !7th October 2016.

Greece. Fat Greek Taverna, Worthing.  Proper Greek food should be great.

Fish Factory in Littlehampton.

India. Chaula’s Indian Restaurant Little East Street Brighton. Dosa possibly.

AND if you’re starving:-

Jacket or boiled potatoes with omelette and salad and then you start creating something they can do, but no grated cheese. Remember all ingredients have to be shown on every package even for caterers.

Bounty bars; YorkieBars,

Tesco’s (Holmbush) gluten free section is 36ft long and seven shelves high, lots of choice. Plus Tesco’s own label chocolate 85%. Plus bag of mixed nuts in ‘greengrocery section’ and sultanas in ‘home baking.;

Selected Dates, Quinoa and molasses I get from Infinity Foods.



BAD NEWS: wheat, barley, rye, oars, spelt, semolina, couscous, malt, noodles, (rice noodles are v good) North African cuisine (Couscous)

Mayonnaise. Coleslaw. Mint sauce. Soy sauce. Check them each time.

These are my opinions because company policy can change, chefs can change, ingredients can change  and then there’s the kitchen staff  and their utensils. So you’ll be pleased to know that I am extremely sensitive to gluten and that I’d come with you t any of these.

Bon appetite.


Gluten Free in Hove and Brighton, Sussex

Gluten Free hes in Hove and Brighton, Sussex

Updated 20th August 20114. If I’m in or around Brighton or Hove I have some great restaurants to choose from and I’m delighted to recommend any of them to you:

Donatello’s Italian restaurant in the Lanes
. When having Pasta just specify gluten free – just as easy as that,

Also in th e Lanes there’s Cafe Rouge, with great GF Pommes Frites, and there’s another Cafe Rouge at Brighton Marina. (Cafe Rouge have schedule of GF choices for you to select from,) Pizza Express are there nearby with GF Pizzas.

Around the corner we have Zizzi;s with GF Zizzi’s Fish Stew – brilliant.

If that doesn’t suit then try The Cote Brasserie just by the Dome , along from The Theatre Royal. I always have the Steak Frites with a glass of one of their house reds. I choose ‘Lalande’ – beautiful,

If I’m in the area I will always visit the ‘Hoe Kitchen. We called in yesterday with our grandson and we had a real treat. My grandson had a decorative amshed potato mound surmounted by a sausage, all surrounded by a moat of green peas They provided toys and a special cutlery set!. My wife had Lancashire cheese souffle with a layered square of winter vegetables. For myself, as GF, I had a steak with deep-fried potato wedges accompanied by a pepper sauce.


28th Dec2013
I still regularly visit all these though I must add another The Pizza Hut just near Churchill Square. I can recoomend the Pepperoni on a cheese and toamto base just askl for extra tomato. It’s excellent value for money.


If this article has been of help to you, I’d love you to say thanks by making a small donation to JustGiving for the Macular Society. All the monies route directly to the Macular Society, particularly for research into a cure.
Thank you very much,

A quick Review of Gluten Free Living, Dec 2012

A quick Review of Gluten Free Living, Dec 2012

Getting the berst out of life with all that’s wonderful in gluten free:

Anthony Worrall-Thompson Gravy graules
“Genius” sliced Bread, for sandwiches
Balsamic vinegar to go with any salad

Jacket and new potatoes
Wetherspoon’s Pubs particularly for their Apple Crumble with custard
Cafe Rouge restaurants, for Steak Frites, Moules Mariniere

Italian Restaurants (lfor GF Pasta)
Quality Indian Restaurants using Gram flour
MacDonalds burger chain (everything including the French Fries are clear, just ask for no bun) and

Heinz Tomato Ketchup, Helman’s Mayonnaise; Dijon Whole Grain Mustard; Knorr Swiss; Patak’s and Sharwood’s Curry pastes and pappadums,
Querizo and continental saucisson;

Mrs Crinble’s coconut cakes
“After Eights”
Cadbury’s Roses and finally

A glass of red wine

Gluten Free ib Brighton – Cote Brasserie.

Gluten Free ib Brighton – Cote Brasserie.
Gluten Free ib Brighton – Cote Brasserie.
I like to keep it simple. If I want Gluten Free ib Brighton – and I want a variety in my choice of lunch or dinner I choose a different restaurant.
The Cote Francaise in Brighton does a classic Steak Frites and it’s alsways termendous.You don’t need to ask as it’s alwasys Gluten Free. Simple


Go and try it yourself and if you’re not sure then ask on the first visit.

BTW it may be worth booking, as it gets very busy.

Afterwards we enjoyed a superb performance by he Rambert Dance Company at the Theatre Royal. Brilliant day.

Gluten Free In shoreham By Sea – The Bridge INN

updated – 18th June 2014


It juts keeps getting better – more choice – more taste – friendly staf….

And t a good price.



Gluten-Free and Vegetarian choices Menu Selection
Bridge Inn, Shoreham By Sea, Sussex.

This looks very good to me, Cliff Jenkins. Check it out for yourself.

Home Marinated Olives 2.95
Home marinated cockles 2.95
Homemade soup (without bread) 4.25
Crispy chilli chicken wings in a sweet chilli sauce and lime mayo 5.50
Roasted fig with Gorgonzola cheese and crispy Parma ham,
Rocket salad and honey vinaigrette 5.50
Crab and avocado tian with smoked salmon, mixed leaves
and coriander and chilli oil 6.25

For sharing (for 2 persons)

Nachoes with grilled cheese (salsa ?gf)), sour cream and guacamole 7.50
Peel your own prawns with marie rose sauce (without bread) 3.50

Side orders

Jacket Potatoes with fillings of your choice £8.30
Parsley new potatoes 2.25
Vegetables of the day 2.50

Main Course

Slow cooked belly of pork with madeira jus, dauphinoise potato,
roasted parsnips, creamed cabbage and bacon 11.25

Chicken supreme filled with mozzarella, sunblushed tomatoes and
Rosemary, with rosti potatoes and char grilled vegetables 10.95

Roasted lambs liver and bacon with safe infused mash and
Caramelised onion jus (without crispy onion rings) 11.95

Duck leg confit with sweet potato fondant, plum sauce and kale 10.50

Steaks served with Jacket or new potatoes with salad and
half-grilled plum tomato and flat mushroom :
10oz Rib-eye Steak 14.00
10IOz Sirloin Steak 15.50

Homemade Burgers served with Mayo and Homemade Tomato Relish with jacket potatoes and salad:
Homemade chicken, beef, or spicy bean burgers (omit the bun) 8.30
Extras – bacon, cheese, coleslaw, fresh chilli, mushroom, pineapple or blue cheese 0.75


Roasted Butternut squash and safe risotto with mixed salad 8.75
Mushroom, leek and ale potato bake with buttered vegetables 8.75
Gnocchi with blue cheese, greek yoghurt and pine nut sauce,
Served with rocket and tomato salad (not GF) 8.75
Vegi fish ‘n’ chips with minted garden peas (not GF) 8.75

Tosca’s in Shoreham By Sea, Gluten free Penne Salsiccia.

RePosted Feb 2012
Shoreham By Sea have a real wealth or restaurants and pubs which provide excellent GF meals:
Tosca’s Italian, Gf pasts is always on the menu, ask which dishes are GF – they rae four excellent.
The Indian Cottage (don’t have the nan bread)
The Bridge Inn, jackert potaoes with …. just ask.
The Marlipins for steak and salad with jacket potato.
The Galeria (Italian) are elegant and helpful.

Updated 17th January. You can’t keep us away from Tosca’s, lunch there on Saturday, as usual it was excellent.

9th January 2011. Tosca’s is hugely popular with the whole of our family, save one. So yesterday we revisited The Bridge and it was veryy well received as there’s one person who likes a good draft bitter.

14th October, Yes we’ve recently been to Toaca’s for a Beef Stroganov, on a Sunday evening, no less. But I’ve also had a snack lunch at The Bridge (Jacket potatoes with ham and salad witha vinagraite sauce – beautiful.)18th Aug 2010. Tosca’s we visit probably at least once a month. In fairness though we ought to mention that we also enjoy the Indian Tandoori restaurant (excluding the Nan Bread and Chapatis) and then recently I’ve enjoyed two lunches at the Bridge Hotel. The food is very good and you just choose the easy ones.

Tosca’s in Shoreham By Sea, Gluten free Penne Salsiccia

What a beautiful sunny day for a walk into Shoreham. OK so it was a bit cold and the pavements were a bit dodgy. Few people around little traffic and excellent service in Tosca’s.
Food was very good, price was right and the wine spot on. What more can you ask for!

By the way the last time I was here I had some garlic bread – wonderful.

For newcomers to my blog I need to mention that it seems that genuine Italian restaurants have brought GF pasta with them. Possibly Durum wheat is particularly aggressive. but they always have a GF option, this includes Donatellos in Brighton and another one in Eastbourne (see earlier post.) Seems it’s a Italian thing.


Gluten Free in Torrevieja, Spain

We’ve found the most delightful restaurant in TorreBlanca. on the bus route from Torrevieja to La Mata. We visited it every year for the last five years. It’s calles “Cerveceria Balcon De Lomas.” and it’s used by the Spanish. There are four of us so we ask for a large ‘Tortilla Easpanola’ with Ensalata Mixta.’
I know it sounds crazy but we all agree we can’t get the same taste and flavour at home. Just a simple Spanish omellete and a mixed salad but they make them something special.
The other dish we ask them to make is a Paella. We chose Marisco (seafood) rather than chicken or rabbit.
AND their house wine is always very good.

In the local Mercadona we found GF cakes (I had taken Genius bread and Tesco’s choco;ate with me.)

Gluten free in Malta

Gluten free in Malta

Gluten free in Malts is fairly straight-forward, presumably because they were alerted by the Italians and their families who live in Malta. This means that most Italian restaurants, pasta and pizza houses are OK and of course risottos are always good (if you like them!).
At one cafe they didn’t have any GF pasta until the owner remembered he had GF spaghetti at home, so he popped home to get it! Excellent.

The ones I’d particularly recommend are:
Ciappetti, in St Agatha’s Esplanade within the old walled city of Mdina.
Cafe Caravaggio, 9 St john’s Square, Valletta.
CapuVino, St Anthony Street, Bugibba, GF desserts to die for.

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