Future Britain

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Cliff Jenkins – Prospective parliamentary candidate,

Honest, truthful, hard-working,

living in your constituency,

a non-politician,

a new type of independent.

I want to improve your life so I will work for:

–        Replacing Council Tax and also Value Added Tax with a straightforward local sales tax payable direct to your council

–        Eliminating Income Tax and reducing corporation tax

–        Better education for your children, with transferable vouchers

–        Free prescriptions, free disposal of sharps, free dentistry

–        Better public transport, saving you time and money

–        Pavements for pedestrians, making life easier for you

–        More Police in view, with relevant laws, safer for you

–        Local control and better quality local services for you

–        Service rather than government – .srv.uk for you

–        Healthier life because of better education and activities

–        Higher personal aspirations, excellence for each person, respect for each person’s capability,

–         ‘Risk areas and risk activities’ for physical activities

Proud to be British, just 60 million of us in a world of 6 billion people, just 1%, so I will support decisions to:

1.     Celebrate being British with new national days the 23rd April Shakespeare Day to celebrate bringing the English language to the world, 21st October ‘Pax Britannica’ Day to celebrate our peacekeeping & defence success, the morning of 11th Nov Remembrance Day and also a TaxFree Day (date to be decided every year)

2.     Protect each British citizen from all enemies

3.     Equip our soldiers, sailors, airmen, police and intelligence forces with the best equipment money can buy –  whatever is needed for us to be the best in the world

4.     Side-step the problems of global businesses by creating ‘British’ mutual banks, ‘British’ Auditors, ‘British’ Businesses

5.     Create a ‘Britain PLC’ infrastructure to help businesses to provide the top-class services the world needs

6.     Re-instate “British Passports” and also “British citizens only” channels at airports and sea ports

7.     Amend immigration controls such that, as people want to live here, they need to be able to speak and write English, to adopt  our traditions and culture, and to abide by the law of our land

Nationally I want to see

  • Better value for our taxes; less law; less red tape for businesses; elimination of Quangos; and reducing the school leaving age
  • The British as the fittest people and the best educated people in the world
  • A system of expertise recognition which can be earned and awarded at any point in your career or life
  • People living long active lives and in a way that doesn’t require so much petrol, diesel, gas etc
  • Free Trade with every country in the world



“And I do declare that no foreign prince, person, prelate, state or potentate hath ……. any jurisdiction, power, superiority, pre-eminence or authority, ecclesiastical or spiritual, within this realm. So help me God.”

from the Oath of Allegiance in the English Bill of Rights, 1689

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