Forecasting the Future – cj1.

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Forecasting the Future –
start with the past and add in some Black Swans

This is the Index for a series of online papers which I will gradually create and formulates the structure of my work. It may easily be adjusted where I consider a major element needs re-inforcing.

The Starting Points:

– the growth of knowledge, innovation and implementation
– The Significance of Cities – the growth of the cities, The role of architecture and engineering in society, new materials,
– The Brain, neurons, synapses, bionic man, neurology,
– Genetics; ; stem cells; gerontology;
– Finite Resources
– The role of women / the role of religion and culture,
– The increase in power/productivity,
– The global village, media, the internet & communications,

AND recent breakthroughs that are not yet in widespread use, plus.

My original thoughts:
Power and Peace (My previous attempts to understand how we got to where we are
An Englishman’s Life – Exerpts from my life for you to understand my questing and my fourney
Tomorrows’ Winds (Book 1 of 3)
Tomorrow’s Tides (Book 2 of 3)
Book 3 writtem but mot finished.

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