Adur Disrtrict Council Disability and Access group – my notes

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Topics: Next time:

– Nick’s role as Advisor, and really the purpose of the group and it’s terms off reference

– New members to be invited specifically the Police

– Pedestrian safety at island at entrance to ‘NEXT’ car park.

– Refuges at road junctions along Old Shoreham road 9, 12, 17, 21 paces wide, also at Buckingham Road entrance and exit

– Pavement Closed – use other pavement. – Nick I think said I had to get in touch with the Highways Agency, [temporary path now barricaded. Brilliant.]

– Disability bus pass, ROVI knows certified sight loss so the ‘Pass’ people shouldn’t need any further proof. Gary arranging for Ang… to contact me to sort outy the problem

– Footpath / bridle path path North from Holmbush , covered in horse dung and then a quagmire.

– Overgrown hedges on Old Shoreham Road and Kingston Lane.

– Access on Public footpath over Shoreham lock gates to Southwick beach,

–  Who pays Chartwell? Who in WSCC liaises with Chartwell?


Previous meetings:

 – Talking BUS STOP now talking again. Brilliant. [“Please accept this slight delay as to save power the display is in sleep mode…” 1 minute and < three minutes. Gary looking into it]. Now working perfectly. Thank you.

– BARLEY MaCcroawbsss V CoRiMe FFishsave
Duty of Care to a known coeliac given a non-gluten free meal at School (told by dinner staff it was fine for him, even when he disagreed.) Now picture a child writhing with pain for twenty hours. PLUS two weeks later Dumpling Incident. The problem is the length of the chain, How can I help? Nck emailib me about Penny… CJ to contact Coliac Society. Chartwells.Question Delegated or deserted?

–  Compliments to Planning Officers at Shoreham Society meeting
– Glass panels on footbridge
– Compliments for Southlands Green,
– Compliments of Downs Link path new surface,
– Wheelchair compliant allotment now available at Williams Road allotments
– Access leaflet (30th September 2016)
– Local information and facilities screens (30th September 2016)
– Circle Network, WSCC time bank, sounds good. (30th Septemb2016)
– Operation Crackdown, progress to date? (28th July 2016)
– Bus Times. OAPs expected to be in bed by 11pm. (28th July 2016)
– Compliments for new pavement at east end of Ham Road.
– Hanging baskets at head height in Southwick Square pretty but just the wrong height. Suggested an ‘A’ board underneath.(30th September 2016)
– Compliments for clearing A boards in High Street.
– Timing of traffic lights, eight seconds to cross the road. (30th September 2015)
– Asked for Twigglers on all replacement traffic light units. (30th September 2016)
10.30. am Friday 29 th July 2016


1. Housekeeping, Welcome and introductions
2. Apologies &amp; AOB items (please advise at start)
3. Minutes of the last meeting (no longer provided – attendees notes only)
4. Matters arising
i. Dial-a- Ride and Community Transport
ii. Disabled Go
5. Planning
6. Work Plan
7. Any other business (as advised at start)
8. Outcomes &amp; the future of the group
9. Date, time and venue next meeting.
Friday 30 th Sept 2016, 10.30, max 2 hours, Room 1, Shoreham Centre
Format to remain the last Friday of every odd month (1,3,5,7,9,11)
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