A wonderful introduction to Blu-Ray.

An incredible, a wonderful introduction to Blu-Ray, The “Elite Syncopations “ choreographed by Kenneth Macmillan is phenomenal.

It so exciting; it incorporates brilliant dancing with huge dollops of fun and a kaleidoscope of colours. This is modern ballet dance at its finest

“The Judas Tree” by comparison was very heavy, dark and with discordant music but what superb dancing and brilliant choreography.

To round off the evening the “Concerto” danced to Shostakovich Piano Concert No. 2 has a beautiful simple set acting as a back-drop to show off the exquisite dancing. Calm and elegant to watch, it is an absolute joy.

Together the three ballets make a wonderful presentation of the beauty and power of ballet, a wonderful exposition of dance interpreting music and taking it to a new level of enjoyment.

Congratulations to the Royal Ballet and their ballet dancers.

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