T’wwas a cold and bitter night

T‘was a cold and bitter spring

April 20th 2024.

We hope we’ve survived and that will all be due to the polytunnel.

We had to plant broad beans there because it has been so wet and cold.

Now we have sown runner beans in trays but then will move them to a cold frame in due course.

Meanwhile the tomatoes seem to be doing well.

To give us more space in the polytunnel the potato bags have been moved  out.

We planted outdoors, a bed of leeks and onions and a bed of courgettes, plus six squash (3 Cha Cha, 3 Hokkido.

Next we need to plant out all the companion plants like marigolds and snapdragons, plus flowers such as s zinnias, cosmos, sweet williams.  (Dahlias and Gladioli are already done and the first of the snapdragons are clumped in their pots.

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