One week on the CDP 220 Digital Piano

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I am horrified and delighted that all the technical questions have been sorted mainly Thanks to Pete, my son.

First need was to be able to read sheet music even with my restricted vision. DONE. He fixed my scanner aand software to create multi-page Pdfs which I can read on my large screen. So now to do some scanning…..

He then down-loaded some sheet musib and we printed it and proved the Pdf could be read.

Next he fixed my Ubuntu to the latest version and down-loaded Audacity, which means that I can create mmusic and print it.

This is what I had in my mind back in 1970 when I priced a PC based music studio at £30,000 (the cost at taht time for a four-bedroomed houses in an excluasive area of Birmingham, was just over £10,000.)

I now have an incredible facility. I hope I will live up to it.

To help me on my way I have recruited a music teacher and she starts on Wednesday, what an adventure we’re going on.

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