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Forecasting the Future –
start with the past and add in some Black Swans

Forecast for New Materials and Graphene

No forecast could miss out Graphene. There will be other materials though in the meantime Ill look at Graphene. there nearly eight thousand patents based on graphene. Here we can take a quick look at some of the changes we may see, for example:

High Conductivity

– lighter, more powerful,very-fast-to-recharge batteries (for cars, gadgets, medical instruments, drones, aerospace etc.)
– lighter, smaller, faster transistors than silicon-based ones
better telecommunications, better power distribution
– combined with photovoltaic cells to form a flexible panel for creating solar electrical power
– Sensors for drugs, explosives and viruses
– Graphene impregnated plastics and silicon

Stronger, the strongest material ever measured:

– Alloyed with steel could dramatically reduce the weight of steel so new designs and less cost for buildings and bridges
– Twisted or braided could be come immensely strong, both with and without elasticity
– Tennis rackets, tyres, saucepans,

Two dimensional not three being only one atom thick (a pile of a million sheets is less than 3mm high)which means:
– a coating on steel can make it rust-proof
– a coating on copper reduces corrosion by ninety-nine per cent
– flexible for making folding or floppy computer screens
– as a super-skin for ships to eliminate or reduce drag
– protective coatings against ammonia and hydrofluoric acidA

Harder than Diamond:

– Abrasives and polishes
– Saws,
– Steel for safes

AND then there’s Graphene Plasmonics!

AND then there’s AEROGEL and then there will other new materials.

Cliff Jenkins

My original thoughts:

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BUT May be I’m understating the possibilites, take a look at “Abundance”,

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