First Day – CDP 220 digital piano arrived

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I’ve chosen an alectronic piano plus the electronic instruments. Seven and a bit cotaves, so it’s not a full grand but the right size for our lounge.

It sounds wonderful so how well does it stack up – top end of the piano don’t sound, though they do as an organ; key appendices are printed inblue and almsot impossible to read; the aheet music provided for the lessons are too faint to read; the operating manual is similarly too small to read. The test sheet music I purcahsed is also to difficult to read.

So at that stage I need to hope that my memory is fully functional – …. after over fifty years!

These problems explain my motivation as I suffer from both wet abd dry AMD and am partially sighted. I want to develop a repertoire of nusic now whilst I still have some vision – a repertoire I can enjoy for may years to come. You never know someone may actually like what I eventually achieve.

Today’s good news is that I thtink I can scan key parts of the manual -and then go on to create pdfs of the sheet music I acquire.

Sitting here nw I envuisage four suites of music, amely gentle piano; jazz piano; Christmas’ and Party Mood.

For the moment important finger movements have started returning.

Let’s see.

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