We need WINs, the more WINS we have the more we  succeed, the more self-reliance, resilience and self-confidence we have.So we need to think...

2.9 The Action Plan – Think hard for success

Winning against AMD

2.9 Think hard for Success

We need WINs, the more WINS we have the more we  succeed, the more self-reliance, resilience and self-confidence we have.

So we need to think hard about everything  we do to make it as successful as we can. Remember if we do not alter or change what we do we will stay the same, there will be no improvement, just stay the same.

Our brains are immensely capable, and our eyes are integral to our brains so we can use our brains to supplement our eyes. We can retrain our brain to use our eyes in a new and more effective way.

We can also use our brains to re-examine how we do every day tasks and activities so that they are easier to do.

One problem I had was forgetting to pick up things, but when I really thought about it, I was not forgetting them, I just was not seeing them.

Fortunately I noticed and bought some bright orange tape, from the RNIB. I stuck strips or bits of this tape to my glasses case, my phone, my luggage, my garden tools, my favourite kitchen knives, my most important cables. I am no longer forgetful! A MAJOR WIN and every time I see a speck of orange I feel good, hundreds of little wins.

Similarly I used my brain to plan the safest route to the bus stop, thinking about every kerb, every tree root and working out the best place to cross each road, including using refuges and traffic lights wherever available. It does not matter if it is longer just that it is the safest. A CONSTANT WIN.

I found it difficult to make a cup of coffee until I realised my problem was that I could not see the water level in the mug. I changed the muge to have white inside and the problem went away. Another useful WIN.

Over a period of time we changed our saucepans to non-stick so that all I needed to do was leave them to soak before wiping them round and then drying them.

Similarly with clothes I have gradually changed to simple colours so that they are easy to see whether in a drawer or hanging on a rack.

Simple really, all you need to do is to think everything through very thoroughly and carefully to work out the easiest way.

Every one is a WINNER.

Practical Steps, every achievement is a WIN.

You really can rebuild your self-reliance, resilience and self-confidence.


Winning against AMD – Age-related Macular Degeneration

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