Best from smartphone. Think hard about how you can get the best from your smartphone. (Here I discuss only Android.) It has taken me nine year

2.8 The Action Plan – Best for smartphone

Winning against AMD

2.8 Best from smartphone

Think hard about how you can get the best from your smartphone. (Here I discuss only Android.)

It has taken me nine years to create my tech support, so take it one step at a time.

If buying a new new Android,  get your supplier to check that within “Settings, Accessibility” (almost the last one) and turn on “Select to speech”.

A black and white symbol will appear, if you touch it, it turns red, and then touch the screen and it will speak that text to you.

Now you can listen to anything on your screen.

While still in “Settings, Accessibility” for my standard settings select:
– Font size “Largest”,
– Select “Magnification Gesture ” ON, (gives triple tap to increase / decrease text size,)
– “Display size” “Largest”,
– Power button ends call ON,
– Auto-rotate screen ON,   

That completes all the hard work, now for the fun.

Get an email address from Google, as you then get all the Google software and it is all automatically backed up in the “cloud., everything including photos.

I listen to Reuters News, Google News, and The Telegraph app (FOC if you have their monthly subscription).
I have a Gmail address and therefore can use Diary/  Calendar, Gmail (with speech) , Maps, Search (with speech), Texting (with speech,) Weather (Allow location)
You also get word processing.

“Settings , Apps” lists all your apps and for each you can allow further access or not.

You may want to change “Settings, Display” so that you have a black or dark blue background on your home page.

Other Apps that I use:
– Fitbit.
– Metro Bank.
– Lite ( for switching bedroom table lights on and off).
– Kindle for Scrabble Dictionary.

– so that I can listen to the books I have in my Kindle library. Rather than a one hour film I listen to a seven hour adventure or thriller, It’s brilliant.
– Amazon shopping.
– Alarm Clock.
– Calculator (Turn it to landscape mode).
– Trainline and Tube Map.
_ And of course phone and texting plus a very good camera.


AND CAST TO SCREEN (I use Chromecast) so that I can see everything from my phone LARGE on my TV.
I can also have a slow scrolling review of my photographs and pictures on my TV.

Take your time, there is no rush,and it took me nine years.

There are hundreds of opportunities for small and big WINS, many of them daily!

Most difficult challenges giving the biggest WIMS.

Lots of little wins are wonderful for the soul and builds up to a big WIN.

You really can rebuild your self-reliance, resilience and self-confidence.


Winning against AMD – Age-related Macular Degeneration

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