The smart Cliff

Most of the time Im dressed smart casual.

The website is organised to handle Cliff’s main interests.

In 2009 Cliff’s life was taken over by the “Bl0dge”, the loss of central vision caused by blue light damage to the Macula

(AKA Age-related Macula Degeneration (AMD))..

His passion is for trying to improve life and society,

Now he is concentrating on how to cope and recover from sight loss.

He’s marketing a ‘Please Help, I’m Visually Impaired’ stiff plastic card to help people become more independent. To buy them please click here.

He is writing a book on his personal experiences ; and creating Shoreham Soundball Tennis group as an effective practical way of restoring your life.

In the process defining the Victory over Macula Degeneration, a mentored system to recover your self-confidence and self-esteem in two years, something that took me six years.

Finding good gluten free restaurants and cafés in Sussex and elsewhere,

Gardening and growing your own food on his allotment.


Cliff Jenkins’ Personal Profile

Cliff Jenkins, educated at a good school, is now retired from business, having been a Chartered Accountant, a Management Consultant and having run his own businesses. His education, his international business experience and private visits around the world moulded his understanding of the world.

He is of the firm opinion that we have no real vision, no realisation of just how fast everything is changing and that that rate of change is itself getting much much faster.

He has seen the changes over the last fifty years and seen the progress we have achieved and has compared this with the progress during the previous one hundred years and the previous one thousand years (see “Power and Peace”.

From that comparison he has created his own vision of what the future may hold and is publishing them as rhe “Tomorrows'” Series , Tomorrows’ Winds was the first.

Cliff’s motivation for the books is to find answers to the questions,
“What world are we passing onto our children and to their children?”,
“How can we best prepare them and the world that they will inherit?” and  “How can we make it better?

Cliff is the independent author of several books

To my friends and acquaintances, old and new, I’m pleased to introduce my new book:

Tomorrows’ Tides” –

coming in at 85,000 words.

I have tried to respond to all the constructive comments about “Tomorrows’ Winds”, so now we have “Tomorrows’ Tides”

Previously you said:

Very imaginative and stimulating, it’s a damned good read. I couldn’t put it down.”

That was great, when will the next be available?”

Highly imaginative view into one possible outcome of a highly technological society in the future . Optimistic, good fun , easy to read , amusing little twist at the end. I enjoyed it . Lets have the next one!”

I felt he could have written a much larger book or even given some of his ideas a book of their own to explore them more fully. I’m now intrigued to see how many new ideas are in his next book.”

My books are are at: £ http://tinyurl.com/Tomorrows-Tides (£)

and http://tinyurl.com/TheTomorrows-Series ($)

For new readers the first book “Tomorrows’ Winds” is available on Kindle. It’s an hour’s read, so try it, see what you think.

All the books are now on Kindle. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download the App to your iPhone, your Windows PC, your Mac, iPad or Android phone. – no Kindle required. Just click here to download the one for the Windows PC from Amazon. http://tinyurl.com/2uajty4