Buying ” Help” cards

yoolaacardOrder your ‘Please Help ‘ card(s) right now.

“I don’t use a white stick any more!” Cliff.

“What I find extremely useful is that people immediately smile and say ‘How can I help’ whereas with a white stick you still have to ask.”

Just pull this sturdy card out of your pocket, purse or wallet or handbag and show it to the person you’d like some help from.

Personally I use it most often on train journeys (so I don’t need monoculars or binoculars to read the destination board) though it’s also good for banking staff, librarians, shop assistants, waiters and waitresses, in fact anyone who is likely to give you something to read.

All the ladies who want the “Please Help” card want it most for shopping, I think for reading the labels or washing instructions though may be it’s even more important for getting matching colours.

“With this I can go shopping again.” Clarissa.

It’s the same size and thickness as a business card.

For me it’s easier to keep it in my pocket, to be able to use it immediately.

“Oh! This will be wonderful.” Hilda.

Pay using Paypal.

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For once you’re not asking for help, you’re just stating the facts with no emotional cost. In Transactional Analysis terms you’re offering an ‘Adult to Adult’ conversation and they naturally respond as an Adult. Brilliant.

“It’s more than that. I can’t make eye contact very well, so I smile towards my helper and show the ‘Please Help’ card. I get to within three feet  and they smile. A smile begets a smile ,and suddenly I feel a welcome member of society instead of being somewhat of an outsider.” Cliff.

The ”Please Help’ cards also solve the problem for those who think that white sticks advertise our weakness and invite trouble.


“Oh! It’s simple and straight forward. I got it immediately. No questions asked. Thanks.” Anita, a waitress.

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