Tosca’s in Shoreham By Sea, Gluten free Penne Salsiccia.

RePosted Feb 2012
Shoreham By Sea have a real wealth or restaurants and pubs which provide excellent GF meals:
Tosca’s Italian, Gf pasts is always on the menu, ask which dishes are GF – they rae four excellent.
The Indian Cottage (don’t have the nan bread)
The Bridge Inn, jackert potaoes with …. just ask.
The Marlipins for steak and salad with jacket potato.
The Galeria (Italian) are elegant and helpful.

Updated 17th January. You can’t keep us away from Tosca’s, lunch there on Saturday, as usual it was excellent.

9th January 2011. Tosca’s is hugely popular with the whole of our family, save one. So yesterday we revisited The Bridge and it was veryy well received as there’s one person who likes a good draft bitter.

14th October, Yes we’ve recently been to Toaca’s for a Beef Stroganov, on a Sunday evening, no less. But I’ve also had a snack lunch at The Bridge (Jacket potatoes with ham and salad witha vinagraite sauce – beautiful.)18th Aug 2010. Tosca’s we visit probably at least once a month. In fairness though we ought to mention that we also enjoy the Indian Tandoori restaurant (excluding the Nan Bread and Chapatis) and then recently I’ve enjoyed two lunches at the Bridge Hotel. The food is very good and you just choose the easy ones.

Tosca’s in Shoreham By Sea, Gluten free Penne Salsiccia

What a beautiful sunny day for a walk into Shoreham. OK so it was a bit cold and the pavements were a bit dodgy. Few people around little traffic and excellent service in Tosca’s.
Food was very good, price was right and the wine spot on. What more can you ask for!

By the way the last time I was here I had some garlic bread – wonderful.

For newcomers to my blog I need to mention that it seems that genuine Italian restaurants have brought GF pasta with them. Possibly Durum wheat is particularly aggressive. but they always have a GF option, this includes Donatellos in Brighton and another one in Eastbourne (see earlier post.) Seems it’s a Italian thing.


Who has bought all the TESCO’s gluten free sausages?

Updated 18th Jan 2011. I think Tesco’s have removed their own label sausages; as I managed to find two types of GF sausages, namely Black Farmer (OK but with tough skins) and, new to me,  “debbie & andrew’s” GF sausages. Any two for £4. I think I saw them on some TV programme, any way I’ll give them a go.

Who has bought all the TESCO’s gluten free sausages?

I had a report that a friend’s Tesco store had run out of gluten free sausages, so I nipped along to mine. Same result – not a single packet in sight.

We all agree they are the best.

Please check your local Tesco’s and it there aren’t any GF sausages there, please ask to see the manager and then write a comment on here.

It seems someone has cornered the market.

So where’s the party?

Gluten free restaurants in Worthing, Sussex, Capricchios and The Istanbul

Gluten free restaurants in Worthing, Sussex, Capricchios and The Istanbul

14th October 2010. Just noticed I haven’t updated this entry. Suffice to say I was there last week and two weeks ago AND they are delightful. Recommended without reservation.

31st July 2009 I’m delighted to report that I’ve recently visted both Capriccios and the Istanbul and both of them have given excellent service and very good value for money.

11th June 2009. Gluten free at Spanish restaurant, Capriccios. Very helpful and friendly staff, beautiful olives, Tortilla Papeatas, lamb speciality and glass of wine of two. Smart modern restaurant just off the main pedestrian stroll at the western end. What more do you want?

11th March 2009. gluten free restaurant in Worthing

A superb very smart modern restaurant, The Istanbul, serves Turkish cuisine. Located on the seafront road just to the west of Worthing Pier. I had a beautiful lunch consisting of falafel with salad as a starter, plus oven-baked salmon with rice as the main course. All accompanied by a glass of house red wine. Sitting on the patio facing the sun and the sea. Brilliant.

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