The Englishman’s Life, now on Kindle.

The Englishman’s Life (18,924 words.)
Cliff Jenkins

My perception of the world, presented in popular poetry and prose; fun and frolics; pain and pleasure; sadness and sunshine; with a touch of realism.

It’s the story of one Englishman, who suddenly sat back and said “What have I actually achieved? How did it all happen? Did I have some fun? What happens next? What was life really about? What was the best? Did I do well by my wife and family?”

It’s also a snapshot of England during a period of massive change, from 1940 to 2010 though also looking at the everlasting beauty of England.

From the rationing to a wonderful and varied cuisine; from a 4d (denarius-old pence, from the pounds, shillings and pence days) phone call to today’s Internet; from missionaries to global businesses; from the British empire to Britain on its own; shanks’s pony to spacecraft; from two billion to six billion people.

It also shows a picture of a man having fun with words. Sometimes the ’poetry’ is more important than the meaning and sometimes the meaning is more important.

With lots of personal glimpses – for fun,
from being a young man,
to the start of the Third Phase,

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