An auspicious start leading to momentous happenings

Tomorrows’ Winds”Tomorrows' Winds Cover

No excuse now. Currently in the Best seller List at 5,657th.

Tomorrows’ Winds is now available on-line for only 99p plus Vat.

Readers comments:

Very imaginative and stimulating, it’s a damned good read. I couldn’t put it down.”

That was great, when will the next be available?”

Highly imaginative view into one possible outcome of a highly technological society in the future . Optimistic, good fun , easy to read , amusing little twist at the end. I enjoyed it . Lets have the next one!”

I felt he could have written a much larger book or even given some of his ideas a book of their own to explore them more fully. I’m now intrigued to see how many new ideas are in his next book.”

just follow the link:

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If I can do it, then it must be straightforward!

If anyone wants to then I’m prepared to join and support a Kindle Writers and Publishers Club in Brighton and / or on-line.

Happy New Year.

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