Published “Tomorrow’s Winds”, available as Print on Demand or ebook

Published “Tomorrow’s Winds”, available as Print on Demand or ebook

It was an amazing experience writing it, amending it, editing it and finally publishing it. I actually enjoyed the whole process, even if I did find it frustrating at times.

It runs to only 100 or so pages (This compares with fifty years of “If it’s more than one page of A4, I won’t read it.”)

For me “Tomorrow’s Winds” is the heart of all that follows. The next book, “Tomorrow’s Tides” is being editorially reviewed at the moment and the next “Tomorrows’ Storms” has been started.

My best review to-date ends with “It’s a damned good read.” That’ll do me, thank you.

By the way, we’ve had a couple of people who had trouble with the download of the ebook from Lulu, if you have trouble please email me at and I’ll send you a printed version.

Cliff Jenkins PPC, core policies as an Independent PPC,

Cliff Jenkins PPC, core policies as an Independent PPC.

090110 Now re-organised between national and local policies.


Reinstate the fact that an Englishman’s home is his castle.
Become more self-sufficient in food.
Improve Public Transport.


Prosecute MPs and Peers for fraud and obtain full repayments.
Give English MPs double votes so they have the same value as Wales, Scotland and N Ireland MPs.
Control immigration, and if necessary leave the EU.
Withhold further payments to the EU until they produce audited accounts.
Institute an annual Land Usage Licence fee.
Eliminate Council tax and remove corporation tax, and increase personal tax allowances.
Install a Senate in the House of Commons and remove party whips.
Open the House of Lords to ”excellence” proposed by voters and remove “Old Cronies” and the “Enclosures people”.
Freeze the 1036 new imprisonable offences and also the 88,000 new laws brought in the last twelve years.
End prohibition on drugs and licence and tax them as for alcohol and tobacco.
Remove all employment legislation and NIC charges from companies with less than ten staff

Originally published June 2010.
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