Extra cost-effective housing in towns and villages,

Extra cost-effective housing in towns and villages.

Update 16th Oct 2010. What space have we got in the centre of our towns and villages? For me the answer is the carparks whether as part of a shopping complex or the civic ones or corporate or office car parks, even better over pub and railway station car parks.. We could offer existing owners the planning opportunity for residential or small office or retail. In the event that they do not go ahead then the opportunity could be open to anyone to …. (see below.) And then again we could build over the traffic islands and the adjacent roads.

Original entry, 7th September 2010:

I was travelling through Steyning this morning and saw the large car park at the medical centre and also the fairly substantial village car park. Then in Shoreham By Sea I passed the staff car park for the Adur Centre and there are various shoppers car parks. Then there are the hospital car parks in Worthing and Southwick, plus the shoppers car parks at Holmbush. All full of cars.

I have been aware for many years that we are in desperate need of houses which can be reasonably afforded by our young people.

So I wondered if there might be a way to bring these two thoughts together.

I wonder whether we could offer a two hundred and ninety nine year leases (ninety nine years is too short) for the air above the car parks. The idea being to build structures where the ground floor is car parking, as at present, though with the upper floors available for housing. Let’s say three floors of housing. There should be no so-called “affordable housing” as these are effectively only available to ‘key workers’ (civil servants) which therefore makes it even more difficult for everyone else.

Whatever sites are chosen they must be served by public transport.

The result will be to bring people to live in the shopping areas, bring life into villages and enable our young people to buy their own homes locally.

Who, What, Why, When, Where and How. Options need to be created without preconceptions, indeed challenging existing habits.

Brighton Gluten Free Restaurants – Cote Francaise

Brighton Gluten Free Restaurants – Cote Francaise (near the Theatre Royal.)
November update, found a table with a good light, so I can easily read the menu and also read my Kindle. Food was top notch as always.
13th October 2010 I had the opportunity to order the Chicken with a mushroom sauce. The waitresses asked me was potato flour OK, lovely AND a lovely meal.11th September 2010. I am delighted to say that I have eaten there twice and it’s excellent. I was pleased to find Steak Frites on the menu and the Frites are GF. The sorbet was beautiful, please tell them no wafer, and the wine excellent. The price was appropriate for a quality restaurant and we’ll definitely go there again.

Cliff Jenkins PPC, core policies as an Independent PPC,

Cliff Jenkins PPC, core policies as an Independent PPC.

090110 Now re-organised between national and local policies.


Reinstate the fact that an Englishman’s home is his castle.
Become more self-sufficient in food.
Improve Public Transport.


Prosecute MPs and Peers for fraud and obtain full repayments.
Give English MPs double votes so they have the same value as Wales, Scotland and N Ireland MPs.
Control immigration, and if necessary leave the EU.
Withhold further payments to the EU until they produce audited accounts.
Institute an annual Land Usage Licence fee.
Eliminate Council tax and remove corporation tax, and increase personal tax allowances.
Install a Senate in the House of Commons and remove party whips.
Open the House of Lords to ”excellence” proposed by voters and remove “Old Cronies” and the “Enclosures people”.
Freeze the 1036 new imprisonable offences and also the 88,000 new laws brought in the last twelve years.
End prohibition on drugs and licence and tax them as for alcohol and tobacco.
Remove all employment legislation and NIC charges from companies with less than ten staff

Originally published June 2010.

“Tomorrows’ Winds” is published and available on Amazon

Bring back the “Penny Dreadfuls”. I think that the Kindle Singles are the modern equivalent of the Penny Dreadful. So I would be proud to follow Charles Dickens lead and publish my books in monthly episodes as he did.My first books “Power and Peace” and “the Englishman’s Life” have been uploaded and can be read at Authonomy They are not as yet ‘published’. “Tomorrows’ Winds” has been published and is available at Amazon . At Lulu its also available as an ebook.

My current work is to break up the next book Tomorrows’ Tides” into several episodes and to publish then as Kindle Singles. So far I’ve completed two “The Growth of Knowledge” and “The Place of God”. There are three more to do. “Tasty Problems”, Living in Burj Brighton” and “Progress”

“The Englishman’s Life” is also being prepared for publishing on Kindle Singles.
I have yet to decide whether to edit “Power and Peace” into a Kindle Single.

Finally the next book “Tomorrows’ Storms” is already half-written and may be broken into episodes for Kindle Singles.

Gluten Free introduction – What is “Gluten Free?”

Good new:s Addendum 9th Nov 2010.
Genius GF bread is brilliant. Tesco’s own label GF bread is just as good. GREAT.

Gluten Free introduction – What is “Gluten Free?”
Gluten is a protein found in wheat flour, oats, barley, spelt, bulgur, rye, couscous, semolina. It is therefore also in any processed foods which includes any of these, including vinegar, mayonnaise, pasta. It is also used in all sorts of odd places eg dried fruit (flour is used to stop the fruit sticking together), it’s in breadcrumbs, batter, bought in chips,

It is not in cornflour. Cornflour is wonderful stuff.

Please use your existing recipes with changes as follows:
– fresh ingredients as anything already prepared is at risk and you don’t know what is included
– cornflour, rice flour, gram flour or potato flour, instead of wheat flour, oats, barley, spelt, bulgur etc
– rice vinegar, balsamic vinegar, red or white wine vinegar, cider vinegar rather than malt vinegar
– for carbohydrates in your menu use potatoes, rice, quinoa, sweet corn, beans, or gluten free pasta (breakfast can be a bit of a challenge!, but I have bacon and egg with fried potatoes and beans – the more proteins the better)
– rice noodles
– buy-in gluten-free pasta, GF mayonnaise, GF soy sauce, GF curry sauces, GF soups, GF cakes, GF biscuits, GF bread where absolutely vital,
– butter and margarine are fine though olive oil and rapeseed oil may be better for your guests
– if you are buying anything that includes ‘modified starch’ that is also fine (UK)

The cultural jump you probably need to make is that modern cuisine also expects pastries and cakes whereas gluten free needs to be for example, desserts made from eggs and sugar and fruit combined with cream, Fromage Frais or yoghourt. Ice cream sometimes includes wheat and gluten. Fresh and cooked fruit with meringue is wonderful.

Don’t worry about creating anything exotic, GF people just love to KNOW that ALL the food is Gluten Free. Then they can relax and enjoy the party. For the solutions to your party, dinner and BarBQ nightmares – ‘Feed My Guests’ provides a way for guests to inform you what their dietary needs, likes and dislikes are. Visit Feed My Guests


PS, Wild rice is not rice at all, it’s a grass and therefore contains gluten.

Power and Peace, now published on Amazon Kindle

Power & Peace, 16297 words, the original work on which the Tomorrows’ fiction books are based.How do we get better than we are? WE – whether in Brighton, in Britain, in the ‘West’ or in the World. How can we go about the process of getting better.

This is a series of personal observations and interpretations by a person trying to understand how we got to where we are (Where are ‘we’? Who are ‘we’?) and to look at various scenarios for our future world and also of Britain’s role within it.

Whilst it’s as good as I can get it, I acknowledge regretfully that it’s an imperfect piece of work. Hopefully it is a thought provoking view which might cause some people to think about how they would want the world to work or how we can work together to look after our world; how we in Britain can organise ourselves; and hopefully to get other people to look at how they can best organise themselves.

This book is about picking up strands of evidence, interpreting them, interpolating them and trying to visualise possibilities and options for the future. It’s also about trying to find if there may be a rational philosophy for a vision for the future.

If I’m not satisfied that there is a god, as I’m not, is it possible to create a revised ethos for our society such that the whole world could subscribe to it and which could co-exist with the religions of the world.

If Christianity is supposed to be based on ‘turn the other cheek’ and ‘love thy neighbour as oneself’ why have half the wars, ever fought, been between religions (in this meaning ‘Communism counts as a religion, a state religion’) Come to think of it why do people feel they need to kill each other? Isn’t there a better way than this?

The Good News is that we do have the first plank in enabling such a society to come into being, for the first time in the history of the world we virtually all speak the same language. Without the English language the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in 2010 could not have happened.

Rather than be sad that an agreement couldn’t be reached we should be overjoyed that representatives from one hundred and ninety two countries met and talked in (largely) one language about one of the problems facing us all.

However will it ever be possible to achieve agreement across the whole world?

Well, we can move forward, we can talk to each other and try to learn how to agree, or at least to learn how to stop disagreeing so vehemently or so violently.

Facing us for the immediate future are the actual and possible risks of:
– continuous on-going minor wars
– food and water shortages
– power shortages
– major war

So we need to get better than we are.
So how do we get better than we are?

The Englishman’s Life, now on Kindle.

The Englishman’s Life (18,924 words.)
Cliff Jenkins

My perception of the world, presented in popular poetry and prose; fun and frolics; pain and pleasure; sadness and sunshine; with a touch of realism.

It’s the story of one Englishman, who suddenly sat back and said “What have I actually achieved? How did it all happen? Did I have some fun? What happens next? What was life really about? What was the best? Did I do well by my wife and family?”

It’s also a snapshot of England during a period of massive change, from 1940 to 2010 though also looking at the everlasting beauty of England.

From the rationing to a wonderful and varied cuisine; from a 4d (denarius-old pence, from the pounds, shillings and pence days) phone call to today’s Internet; from missionaries to global businesses; from the British empire to Britain on its own; shanks’s pony to spacecraft; from two billion to six billion people.

It also shows a picture of a man having fun with words. Sometimes the ’poetry’ is more important than the meaning and sometimes the meaning is more important.

With lots of personal glimpses – for fun,
from being a young man,
to the start of the Third Phase,

“Borneo Bulletin”, an extract, a view from the Far East.

Borneo Bulletin, 24th March 2010, a view from the Far East.

An English Language newspaper published half way round the world, half a world away.

You immediately notice that there are numerous words added to the English Language because they are needed for this area. You notice that the quality of the English used is not the same as the Daily Telegraph or as good as The Straits Times (published in Singapore..)

Unusually, and wholly correctly, Muslim names are quoted in full and this may require sixteen words. Regretfully Islam takes credit for work, products, pharmaceutical drugs and other items which they are just passing off s their’s or are implementing, for example the vaccine for fighting the H1V1 virus. There is no clear attribution to the actual developers and owners of the patents.

Good NEWS, 1. Sixteen North Korean asylum seekers made it through China and Laos, crossing the Mekong River and so into Thailand after twenty days of walking. 2. There’s a new hydro-electric Power Station just going live in Laos which will supply $2 Billion worth of electricity to Thailand. over the next twenty five years.

– Dubai has retracted a decision to implement a law banning the use of alcohol in cooking, instead these foods must be treated as non-Halal and kept totally separate before, during and after preparation.

– Scalloped smooth and great hammerhead sharks and Oceanic Whitechip sharks are freely used to make sharks fin soup. The fishermen even just cut off the fins and throw the damaged sharks back to the sea to die.

– Indian Military have give authority for the manufacture of Chilli Grenades, these grenades will include chilli powder from ‘bhut jolokia’ with a strength of one million Scoville units.

– Richard Branson’s VSS Enterprise had its first test flight and is due to start commercial operations in 2012.

– India launches its luxury Maharaja train service running from Kolcota to New Delhi and Mumbai to New Delhi.

– UN reports more deaths from unsafe water than from wars.

– Peruvians harvesting the water from coastal fog, using nets.

– Bill Gates with Terrapower and Toshiba are in discussions about creating a ‘city-sized’ nuclear power station’ using depleted trainband capable of running for a hundred years without refuelling.

– Mareta Suzuki produce one million cars in India last year taking fifty percent of the market.

– Hissa Hilal wins 47 out a maximum of fifty for her poetry entitled “The Chaos of Fatwas”. If she wins the prize is 1.3million dollars. Written in the Bedouin dialect poetry Nabati. She raises the issues of Wearing a full ”Abaya” totally cloaking her face, she spoke criticising strict segregation, blasting fatwas that reject allowing women to get jobs that are currently reserved for men only, fighting extremism. Some men do not even shake hands with female family members as they did in the past. About fatwas issued even just last month calling for those promoting mixed sexes in education and at the workplace to be put to death. No longer Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, now spreading to Egypt, Jordan and Syria.

Future Britain – Adur Rights

I will try to ensure that you will have these rights:


  1. Right to Freedom of Speech
  2. Right to earn and to have savings and property
  3. Right to the sanctity of your homes
  4. Right to trial by jury for major crimes and to speedy justice
  5. Right to a safe community
  6. Right to honest local parliamentary representation,
  7. Right to privacy
  8. Right to minimal government and minimal taxation
  9. Right to make your own decisions

1)   Right to Freedom of Speech. This means:
–     the right to constructively criticise or find humour in any aspect of your lives, politicians, central and local government, schools, churches, business organisations, the media, institutions, using whatever media is available TV, Radio, videos, blogs, videocasts, films, newspapers, cartoons, etc

2) Right to earn and to have savings and property. This means:
–     a commitment to protect your savings for example from the ravages of inflation, from tax raids, from predatory interest rates, from retrospective legislation,
–          revising the wasteful approach to burning fossil fuels as this degrades the value of your currency

3) Right to the sanctity of your homes. This means canceling the recent laws for hundreds /  thousands of government and local government employees and / or their agents to have the right to enter your home without a court order

4) Right to trial by jury for major crimes and to speedy justice. This means:
–     re-instating trial by jury and to reducing the maximum time anyone can be held incommunicado by the police from 28 days to 14 days

5) Right to a safe community. This means:

–          amending agreements so that our citizens can only be extradited to a foreign country after prima facie evidence has been produced in court;
–          releasing police for more effective work by reducing their paperwork and simplifying the laws of evidence-          decriminalising the use of drugs in exchange for course of treatment,
–          freezing the 1036 new imprisonable offences, 3600 recent laws and the 88,000 recent statutory instruments
–          reinforcing our border controls and reviewing our immigration laws
–          reinforcing our military services

6) Right to honest local parliamentary representation, This means you having a member of parliament who:
–          listens to what you say and tries to represent you even if their personal views are different;
–          has the authority to change every area of law, rather than having the laws laid down by unelected dictocrats based in Brussels
–          only claims expense which are wholly, necessarily and exclusively incurred in the performance of their duties

–          rejects payments towards the costs of a London home
–          votes on every subject according to his conscience and his constituents’ wishes rather than taking instruction from their paymaster whether a political party, a foreign entity, a trades union, a religious group, a business corporation and also has signed the revised Oath of Allegiance

7) Right to privacy. This means:

–          Information provided by a voter to one government department stays independent and is not shared nor sold to anyone else who wants to use it

–          Each patient owns their own medical history and can maintain a copy of it

–          Three or more photographers at a private house is a breach of the peace

–          Removing all the speed cameras and all the CCTV cameras

–          Removing the need to give notice of intention to travel

8) Right to minimal government and minimal taxation. This means that:

–          the whole ethos of our society is based on to self-responsibility, self-reliance, self-discipline, self-control. Each person has to take responsibility for your own actions and inactions, for every part of your life and it is the responsibility of parents and society to help achieve this, rather than providing an excuse mechanism or doing it for them

–          We no longer need the assistance of the dictocrats in Brussels to detail how we are to run our lives

–          Income Tax and National Insurance is abolished and Corporation Tax is brought down to 10% of net profits

–          Police, Fire, Planning, come under the locally elected Actionate, under the control of a senior spending panel, they will receive the take from a local Sales Tax (replacing VAT)

9) Right to make our own decisions. This means that:

–          You can chose which school, college and university you want yourr child to attend because you will be given education vouchers towards the costs, similarly you can chose at what age the children finish school after the minimum age of 14, and you can claim on-going value vouchers for education  for your whole life

–          The NHS Primary Care Trusts will be replaced with a network of locally elected Health and Education Actionates to choose and control what health and education facilities their local community needs

–          Quangos are disbanded, the work being re-absorbed as and if necessary

–          You have the right to die when you want and the right to assistance in doing so providing you have created and signed a living will at least two years earlier


Originally published 160409

FUTURE BRITAIN – Roll up, roll up, Chose your own offence

FUTURE BRITAIN – Roll up, roll up, Chose your own offence

The EU has decided that we are all criminals now and the following will put British Citizens on the EU subversives list.

This EU Council 19th January 2009 ruled on the establishment of ECRIS, a pan-EU ‘criminal’ database and system includes the following ‘offences’:
* Offences related to waste* Unintentional environmental offences* Insult of the State, Nation or State symbols (Non-specified, could be any state or nation.)* Insult or resistance to a representative of public authority (What happens to demonstrators?)* Public order offences, breach of the public peace* Revealing a secret or breaching an obligation of secrecy (There goes ‘whistle-blowers’)* Unintentional damage or destruction of property* Offences against migration law—an “Open category” (offences undefined thus all encompassing)* Offences against military obligations—an “Open category” (offences undefined thus all encompassing)* Unauthorised entry or residence

* Other offences—an “Open category” (offences undefined thus all encompassing)* Other unintentional offences

I particularly like the last two!


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