2011, In the allotment we’ve started next season already

3rd Feb 2011, cropping leeks, broccoli and potatoes. 24th January 2011. The rhubarb has started so We’ve covered some up in order to force it. The seed potatoes arrived today from Alan Romans. We’re still cropping sprouts, potatoes, leeks, swede, cabbage. Over-wintering crops are coming nicely Broad Beans, Onions; the Globe artichokes are all healthy, the rosemary is flowering, the flowering currant is opening SO SPRING IS HERE. […]

2010 A frustrating year for us gardeners

2010 A frustrating year in the garden and allotment. 28th December 2010. Whilst still wet and still cold, we are still digging potatoes, picking sprouts, cutting cabbage and lifting swede and beetroot. 3rd October. Cropped raspberries, first pink banana jumbo squash […]

2009 on the allotment, Shoreham

2009 on the allotment, Shoreham. 20th November. Greenhouse done and planted with garlics and onions. Also planted Broad beans and almost completed the new double-depth raised bed. 4th November. Courgettes still going, plus […]