Future Britain – Adur Rights

Adur Rights. I will try to ensure that you will have these rights: 1. Right to Freedom of Speech 2. Right to earn and to have savings and property 3. Right to the sanctity of your homes 4. Right to trial by jury for major crimes […]

FUTURE BRITAIN – Roll up, roll up, Chose your own offence

FUTURE BRITAIN – Roll up, roll up, Chose your own offence. The EU has decided that we are all criminals now and the following will put British Citizens on the EU subversives list. This EU Council 19th January 2009 ruled on the establishment of ECRIS, a pan-EU ‘criminal’ database and system includes the following ‘offences’: * Offences related to waste* Unintentional environmental offences* Insult of the State, Nation or State symbols (Non-specific […]

Future Britain – Council procurement procedures

Future Britain – Council procurement procedures. Altogether it’s a very poor deal for the council tax payers AND for our local businesses. I finally understand where it all goes wrong in procurement. There’s a professional procurement team who are disciplined to follow the guidelines……. Precisely and totally. […]

Future Britain

Cliff Jenkins – Prospective parliamentary candidate, Honest, truthful, hard-working, living in your constituency, a non-politician, a new type of independent. I want to improve your life so I will work for: […]

Future Britain – Digital Britain, Broadband problems

Future Britain – Digital Britain, Broadband problems. Everybody, the politicians, the TV companies and the telecoms companies, seem to have clubbed together on a ‘never mind the quality, feel the width’ basis. They are trying to sell us spoof. Both the main parties think 2mb download is wonderful. It’s patently obvious […]

Living Concept for Brighton West Beach, incl Portslade and Shoreham harbour

Shoreham Port Authority have published their proposals for doing something at Shoreham Harbour. Regretably they can’t get agreement between Brighton and Hove City Council and Adur District Council and West Sussex County Council and SEEDA. So we need to help them. […]