“Tomorrows’ Tides” is published at Amazon Kindle Store

“Tomorrows’ Tides” – the new book coming in at 85,000 words. Thank you. You all made constructive comments about “Tomorrows’ Winds”which I have tried to respond to, so now we have “Tomorrows’ Tides.” Previously you said: Very imaginative and stimulating, it’s a damned good read. I couldn’t put it down.” […]

How can we best use Kindles in children’s education?

How can we best use Kindles in children’s education in the UK or even just in Adur? They cost £111 each, inc Vat. They are monochrome and have no images, just text – loads and loads of text. Let’s say we (a school) bought twenty of them, who would […]

Cliff Jenkins’ Policies, Independent prospective local councillor

Cliff Jenkins’ Policies. Independent prospective local councillor. Objectives. Cliff wants to: * Improve the aspirations and opportunities for our children, * Improve public transport services * Increase housing available for young people locally * Support local personal involvement […]