How can we best use Kindles in children’s education?

How can we best use Kindles in children’s education in the UK or even just in Adur? They cost £111 each, inc Vat. They are monochrome and have no images, just text – loads and loads of text. Let’s say we (a school) bought twenty of them, who would […]

Cliff Jenkins’ Policies, Independent prospective local councillor

Cliff Jenkins’ Policies. Independent prospective local councillor. Objectives. Cliff wants to: * Improve the aspirations and opportunities for our children, * Improve public transport services * Increase housing available for young people locally * Support local personal involvement […]

Extra cost-effective housing in towns and villages,

Extra cost-effective housing in towns and villages. Update 16th Oct 2010. What space have we got in the centre of our towns and villages? For me the answer is the car parks whether as part of a shopping complex or the civic ones or corporate or office car parks, even better over pub and railway station car parks.. We could offer existing owners […]

Living Concept for Brighton West Beach, incl Portslade and Shoreham harbour

Shoreham Port Authority have published their proposals for doing something at Shoreham Harbour. Regretably they can’t get agreement between Brighton and Hove City Council and Adur District Council and West Sussex County Council and SEEDA. So we need to help them. […]