Building a Better Britain

Economists and politicians need to realise that the UK people have changed. They are now the highest educated people we have ever had. They are the …. […]

Scotland – We want a quick and dirty solution

Scotland – We want a quick and dirty solution We really can’t stand the sound of this argument going on for years. We’ve had enough already and we want to concentrate on getting out the hole the Scottish Politicians and the Scottish Banks created. […]

What to do about the EU

As far as I can see the Germans have won, With the exception of Frnace, Netherlands, Finland and Denmark they have stripped the southern countries of everything. […]

Exasperation with Scotland and the Scots

Exasperation with Scotland and the Scots My personal exasperation with Scotland and the Scots has built up over many years. I can only give glimpses at the underlying causes, for example: […]

Funding Growth – ideas requested by HMG

To : THREE EMAILS SENT Funding Growth – Strategy: create a “local-business society,” a quantum leap for a nation of shop-keepers. […]

We want our money back!(5)

We want our money back! (5) Originally, say two to five thousand years ago, we all had equal rights and equal benefits based on the land and the sea, equal rights to life and happiness. Then we had a series of events and activities where a few individuals helped themselves to other people’s wealth and chattels – theft and fraud, but there was no local law to stop them then. […]

We want our money back! (4)

We want our Money Back (4) By comparison with the exchange rate manipulation by China and Germany the cost of UK membership of the EU is almost minor. Economists will never be able to agree on the total costs because the…. […]

We want our money back! (3)

We want our money back (3) So yet again we’re being stuffed by the bankers. Well, we want our money back and we really don’t want you bankers to make a profit from incompetent and fraudulent business and financial dealings. […]

We want our money back! (2)

We want our money back (2) So our poor hard-done-by neighbours, the Germans, were unhappy about the financial consequences of the First World War so they went to war again. Now, would you believe it, they were not happy with the financial outcome of that war either, even though they were given vast sums by the Americans to help them back on their feet. […]

We want our money back! (1)

Lets pretend a tightly controlled country was jealous of a much smaller but much richer country. Their government decided to use their mass of people to out-manufacture the little country. They would need to import the knowledge of how to do it and were very excited that they could organise their hundreds of millions of poor people to work for low wages in appalling conditions for very long hours and in so doing bring untold riches to their country. […]