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These are exciting times for research.  Promising new drugs are in development, important genetic discoveries are being made and we’ve seen the first safety trials of stem cells in the human eye.


A large study, the Age-Related Eye Disease Study 2 (AREDS 2) suggests that a high intake of lutein can reduce the risk of developing advanced AMD. The Aston researchers concluded: “For an informed population, many AMD participants were under-consuming nutrients considered to be useful for their condition.  Participants without AMD were more likely to reach recommended daily allowance values”.

[ Publsher’s Comment ; The AREDs 1 study is in fact more important.]


Lutein and zeaxanthin, key constituents of macular pigment, have been found in high levels in the retinal rods.  This suggests that macular pigment could play a significant role in keeping the retinal rods healthy and maintaining how well our eyes are able to adapt to the dark


Consider a nutritional supplement if you cannot be sure of getting high levels of antioxidants in your diet.  There is some evidence that a specific formula of antioxidants and zinc tested in the second Age-Related Eye Disease trial  (AREDS 2) can slow down the progression of AMD in some groups of people.  No supplement has been shown to cure AMD.  You should always talk to your ophthalmologist or optometrist before taking supplements, as they can interact with prescriptive medications.


The Macular Society has information on all aspects of living with macular conditions.  We also have local support groups and a training programme to help people learn to use their peripheral vision more effectively (called “skills for seeing”).  We have a professional, confidential telephone counselling service, a befriending service and a team of “buddies” who can provide reassurance on injections and visual hallucinations caused by Charles Bonnet Syndrome


Umpire for an hour or two once a month, trial basis, coaching provided

Shoreham Soundball Tennis

Umpire and two player volunteers needed
Coaching and racket provided.
an hour or two, once a month
On a Monday evening
We want to get better and to win some matches and tournaments.

We have difficulty seeing the ball, the racket and the net let alone seeing the lines so we need feedback, we need to know if the shot was in or out.

We provide our special balls and 23” rackets, using an orange-ball court.

Please call Cliff Jenkins on 07582 902 922, email or
Come and see for yourself
from 5.30on any Monday in September
at Sussex County Lawn Tennis Club, south end of Kingston Lane, Southwick, Shoreham  by Sea

Shoreham Soundball Tennis

Join us at
Shoreham Soundball Tennis

Tennis for Visually Impaired people

Visually Impaired (VI) people of all ages, abilities and circumstances are made very welcome. We provide the opportunity to to learn and to play Soundball Tennis. We provide both the equipment and the training.

So we’re looking for VI people plus sighted volunteer players and umpires, coaching is provided for everyone as are Rackets and balls.

Come and See for yourself on Mondays at 5.30 – 7.30. ts, FREE taster session then £10 per session or £20 per month or £190 per year. FREE facilities for volunteers


Great Fun with Improved fitness, agility, effective vision, weight-loss, friendship, new experiences, and fresh air.
Contact: Cliff Jenkins 07582 902 922

A Not-for-profit group run
in conjunction with Sussex County Lawn Tennis Club
Kingston Lane, Southwick, West Sussex, BN42 4DJ

Gluten Free in Hove and Brighton, Sussex

Gluten Free hes in Hove and Brighton, Sussex

Updated 20th August 20114. If I’m in or around Brighton or Hove I have some great restaurants to choose from and I’m delighted to recommend any of them to you:

Donatello’s Italian restaurant in the Lanes
. When having Pasta just specify gluten free – just as easy as that,

Also in th e Lanes there’s Cafe Rouge, with great GF Pommes Frites, and there’s another Cafe Rouge at Brighton Marina. (Cafe Rouge have schedule of GF choices for you to select from,) Pizza Express are there nearby with GF Pizzas.

Around the corner we have Zizzi;s with GF Zizzi’s Fish Stew – brilliant.

If that doesn’t suit then try The Cote Brasserie just by the Dome , along from The Theatre Royal. I always have the Steak Frites with a glass of one of their house reds. I choose ‘Lalande’ – beautiful,

If I’m in the area I will always visit the ‘Hoe Kitchen. We called in yesterday with our grandson and we had a real treat. My grandson had a decorative amshed potato mound surmounted by a sausage, all surrounded by a moat of green peas They provided toys and a special cutlery set!. My wife had Lancashire cheese souffle with a layered square of winter vegetables. For myself, as GF, I had a steak with deep-fried potato wedges accompanied by a pepper sauce.


28th Dec2013
I still regularly visit all these though I must add another The Pizza Hut just near Churchill Square. I can recoomend the Pepperoni on a cheese and toamto base just askl for extra tomato. It’s excellent value for money.


If this article has been of help to you, I’d love you to say thanks by making a small donation to JustGiving for the Macular Society. All the monies route directly to the Macular Society, particularly for research into a cure.
Thank you very much,

Gluten Free Pizzas, Sussex, Shotreham By Sea

Gluten Free Pizzas, Sussex, Shotreham By Sea
What a break-through. Suddenly we have Gluten Free Pizzas

Personally I’ll give top marks to PizzaHut and Prezzo, though regretably neither of them are represented in Shoreham by Sea. Locally we have Domino’s, as atake-away, or Brio’s near the station.

We had a predentation by a manager of Domino’s and she reommended asking for extra tomato sauce. GREAT.


If this article has been of help to you, I’d love you to say thanks by making a small donation to JustGiving for the Macular Society. All the monies route directly to the Macular Society, particularly for research into a cure.
Thank you very much,

A quick Review of Gluten Free Living, Dec 2012

A quick Review of Gluten Free Living, Dec 2012

Getting the berst out of life with all that’s wonderful in gluten free:

Anthony Worrall-Thompson Gravy graules
“Genius” sliced Bread, for sandwiches
Balsamic vinegar to go with any salad

Jacket and new potatoes
Wetherspoon’s Pubs particularly for their Apple Crumble with custard
Cafe Rouge restaurants, for Steak Frites, Moules Mariniere

Italian Restaurants (lfor GF Pasta)
Quality Indian Restaurants using Gram flour
MacDonalds burger chain (everything including the French Fries are clear, just ask for no bun) and

Heinz Tomato Ketchup, Helman’s Mayonnaise; Dijon Whole Grain Mustard; Knorr Swiss; Patak’s and Sharwood’s Curry pastes and pappadums,
Querizo and continental saucisson;

Mrs Crinble’s coconut cakes
“After Eights”
Cadbury’s Roses and finally

A glass of red wine

Gluten Free ib Brighton – Cote Brasserie.

Gluten Free ib Brighton – Cote Brasserie.
Gluten Free ib Brighton – Cote Brasserie.
I like to keep it simple. If I want Gluten Free ib Brighton – and I want a variety in my choice of lunch or dinner I choose a different restaurant.
The Cote Francaise in Brighton does a classic Steak Frites and it’s alsways termendous.You don’t need to ask as it’s alwasys Gluten Free. Simple


Go and try it yourself and if you’re not sure then ask on the first visit.

BTW it may be worth booking, as it gets very busy.

Afterwards we enjoyed a superb performance by he Rambert Dance Company at the Theatre Royal. Brilliant day.

Gluten Free In shoreham By Sea – The Bridge INN

updated – 18th June 2014


It juts keeps getting better – more choice – more taste – friendly staf….

And t a good price.



Gluten-Free and Vegetarian choices Menu Selection
Bridge Inn, Shoreham By Sea, Sussex.

This looks very good to me, Cliff Jenkins. Check it out for yourself.

Home Marinated Olives 2.95
Home marinated cockles 2.95
Homemade soup (without bread) 4.25
Crispy chilli chicken wings in a sweet chilli sauce and lime mayo 5.50
Roasted fig with Gorgonzola cheese and crispy Parma ham,
Rocket salad and honey vinaigrette 5.50
Crab and avocado tian with smoked salmon, mixed leaves
and coriander and chilli oil 6.25

For sharing (for 2 persons)

Nachoes with grilled cheese (salsa ?gf)), sour cream and guacamole 7.50
Peel your own prawns with marie rose sauce (without bread) 3.50

Side orders

Jacket Potatoes with fillings of your choice £8.30
Parsley new potatoes 2.25
Vegetables of the day 2.50

Main Course

Slow cooked belly of pork with madeira jus, dauphinoise potato,
roasted parsnips, creamed cabbage and bacon 11.25

Chicken supreme filled with mozzarella, sunblushed tomatoes and
Rosemary, with rosti potatoes and char grilled vegetables 10.95

Roasted lambs liver and bacon with safe infused mash and
Caramelised onion jus (without crispy onion rings) 11.95

Duck leg confit with sweet potato fondant, plum sauce and kale 10.50

Steaks served with Jacket or new potatoes with salad and
half-grilled plum tomato and flat mushroom :
10oz Rib-eye Steak 14.00
10IOz Sirloin Steak 15.50

Homemade Burgers served with Mayo and Homemade Tomato Relish with jacket potatoes and salad:
Homemade chicken, beef, or spicy bean burgers (omit the bun) 8.30
Extras – bacon, cheese, coleslaw, fresh chilli, mushroom, pineapple or blue cheese 0.75


Roasted Butternut squash and safe risotto with mixed salad 8.75
Mushroom, leek and ale potato bake with buttered vegetables 8.75
Gnocchi with blue cheese, greek yoghurt and pine nut sauce,
Served with rocket and tomato salad (not GF) 8.75
Vegi fish ‘n’ chips with minted garden peas (not GF) 8.75

Tosca’s in Shoreham By Sea, Gluten free Penne Salsiccia.

RePosted Feb 2012
Shoreham By Sea have a real wealth or restaurants and pubs which provide excellent GF meals:
Tosca’s Italian, Gf pasts is always on the menu, ask which dishes are GF – they rae four excellent.
The Indian Cottage (don’t have the nan bread)
The Bridge Inn, jackert potaoes with …. just ask.
The Marlipins for steak and salad with jacket potato.
The Galeria (Italian) are elegant and helpful.

Updated 17th January. You can’t keep us away from Tosca’s, lunch there on Saturday, as usual it was excellent.

9th January 2011. Tosca’s is hugely popular with the whole of our family, save one. So yesterday we revisited The Bridge and it was veryy well received as there’s one person who likes a good draft bitter.

14th October, Yes we’ve recently been to Toaca’s for a Beef Stroganov, on a Sunday evening, no less. But I’ve also had a snack lunch at The Bridge (Jacket potatoes with ham and salad witha vinagraite sauce – beautiful.)18th Aug 2010. Tosca’s we visit probably at least once a month. In fairness though we ought to mention that we also enjoy the Indian Tandoori restaurant (excluding the Nan Bread and Chapatis) and then recently I’ve enjoyed two lunches at the Bridge Hotel. The food is very good and you just choose the easy ones.

Tosca’s in Shoreham By Sea, Gluten free Penne Salsiccia

What a beautiful sunny day for a walk into Shoreham. OK so it was a bit cold and the pavements were a bit dodgy. Few people around little traffic and excellent service in Tosca’s.
Food was very good, price was right and the wine spot on. What more can you ask for!

By the way the last time I was here I had some garlic bread – wonderful.

For newcomers to my blog I need to mention that it seems that genuine Italian restaurants have brought GF pasta with them. Possibly Durum wheat is particularly aggressive. but they always have a GF option, this includes Donatellos in Brighton and another one in Eastbourne (see earlier post.) Seems it’s a Italian thing.


Gluten Free Restaurants, Pubs and cafes in Brighton and Hove, Sussex

Gluten Free Restaurants, Pubs and cafes in Brighton, Portslade and Hove, Sussex
Updated 23rd Jan. Our guests for a birthday lunch commented “Better than we get in Spain!” The Rioja was excellent and the service and hospitaiity delightful.

Updated 19th January 2011. Casa Don Carlos lived up to its reputation again, very welcoming and friendly. Good food and a nice Rioja, which is good as we’re booked there for lunch on Saturday.

25th September. Al Duomo’s also very good. we may go to their music evenings.

11th September 2010. SUMMARY. The ones I’ll always go to:

Casa Don Carlos
Cote Francaise
Eastern Eye
La Strada

Curry Mahal in Portland Road

and in Shoreham By Sea
Indian Cottage Tandoori
The Bridge
The Old Tollgate in Bramber

14th April 2010. Still going regularly to Casa Don Carlos plus also Donatellos for a bit of variety.

31st October 2009. Casa Don Carlos is one of my favourite restaurants. I probably come her every three to four weeks. It’s always good and the people are great. 16th May 2009, and we can add another Indian restaurant, the Eastern Eye, in London Road, near Preston Circus. It’d been a few months since we had Dosas so they were an easy choice and were excellent. Met friends we hadn’t seen for sometime, an excellent party in smart modern Indian surrounds.

14th February 2009, Valentine’s Day. If you want somewhere with exquisite food – gluten free, vegetarian, then we recommend Waves, in Church Road Hove near the Town Hall. We had the South India speciality, Dosas, which are made from lentils and rice, in the form of a large crepe served with coconut chutney and sambar. Another time we’re going to try the Uttapam. Very good value for money.

6th February 2009. Yesterday I was a guest to dinner at the Curry Mahal in Portland Road. Linen tablecloths… and the food was gluten free… all of it except the Bhajis and Naan Bread. I had a meat briyani. Oh yes they also do half litre carafes of wine, that’s 4 x 125l glasses, just right. better than just right, an excellent dinner.

15th January 2009, we went to see ‘Cabaret’ at the Theatre Royal, brilliant and very disturbing, Wayne Sleep and his choreography was outstanding. However beforehand we had lunch at Donatellos, excellent Arrabiata on GF Ligioni, and they serve half bottles of wine.

13th January 2009. Casa Don Carlos served up a delightful Rioja with Tortilla Espanola with Ensalata Mixta, (incidentally I am re-learning Spanish with the intention of having a walking holiday there.) Just what you need at lunchtime.

On one recent visit to Brighton we had a very nice meal at La Strada, just along from the Theatre Royal. So that means Donatellos, Casa Don Carlos, La Strada, Fat Leos and the greek restaurant in Hove are all excellent choices.

27th November 2008, Another visit to Casa Don Carlos again excellent, choose the Chorizo al Inferno, with the house Rioja and you feel as if you’re in Spain.

14th October 2008. First visit to Casa Don Carlos 5, Union Street, The Lanes, Brighton BN1 1HA. They say a little piece of Spain in the heart of Brighton and I agree with them. 100% Spanish. I chose Cocida Chorizo, chorizo with lentils, absolutely Spanish and it’s gluten free. Very popular restaurant, so call to book for evenings 01273 327177.

7th July 2008. Another excellent family dinner at Tosca in Shoreham By Sea. It’s wonderful when you can relax and trust the waiters and the chefs.

1st April 2008. The West Quay pub and restaurant in Brighton Marina, JD Wetherspoon, has menus with soe options clearly marked gluten free.

25th March 2008. The Ship Inn, Southwick Street, Southwick, Brighton, on the corner with The Twitten. If you like the ambience of a traditional pub with horse brasses, real ales and all the things we can’t have, then this is the place for you. The landlord and his wife were both horrified that anyone should want gluten free, and then went out of their way to look after me. A lovely lunch and at a remarkably good price.

Updated 14th March 2008. Whilst strictly it’s in Hove, The Indian Summer, Kingsway, Hove, must be included. It’s genuine Indian and the food & decor is excellent.

4th March 2008. This is my ongoing article for restaurants I have visited in Brighton, where they provide a Gluten Free range and where the staff and management act absolutely normally and gracefully, rather than the more usual ‘Man from Out of Space’ style.

First on the list must be Donatellos, in the Lanes, as the one I have been to most frequently. They offer a range of Gluten Free pasta with any of their sauces and willingly check for you with any other dishes you may prefer.

Also the restaurant next to the Theatre Royal, but I need to check the name.

The buffet Breakfast at the Hotel Alias Seattle is absolutely excellent.
The buffet Breakfast at the City College Brighton and Hove is brilliant
The plated Breakfast at Courtlands Hotel is superb, just ask for the ingredients you’d like.

So it’s started, now I’ll keep it up-to-date. 4th March 2008


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