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Effective learning – explained by the neurologists

Effective learning - explained by the neurologists The research and the Recomnendations.

Gluten free in Malta

Gluten free in Malta. Gluten free in Malts is fairly straight-forward. The ones I'd particularly recommend are: Ciappetti, in St Agatha's Esplanade within the old walled city of Mdina....

Brain Boost – Learning english

Braining Training Braining Training is the key theme from “The Tomorrows' Series” of books. At its heart is the assertion or assumption that our brains are a thousand times more effective than we currently believe. Our task here is to give information or examples or hyperlinks to areas of relevance ...

For the Doctors

For the Doctors I use my eyes to see the far horizon I use my eyes to see the beautiful South Downs I use my eyes to see a buzzard climbing a thermal I use my eyes to see a kestrel diving on its prey

AMD – getting better (?)

I was appalled when I learned I had Dry AMD, but then at my age I had been using my computer a lot and the screen was bright. So three actions:- reduce brightness of screen, reduce hours of computer usem take 40mg of Luiein a day (2 X 20mg FSC, ...

Rhymes for numbers: nick, nack etc.

Rhymes for numbers:- Nick, nack, paddy wack; one, two buckle my shoe; one potato, two potato; I'll sing you one OH!; On the first day of Christmas; Ten green bottles; one, two, three, four, five;

“Tomorrows’ Tides” is published at Amazon Kindle Store

"Tomorrows' Tides” - the new book coming in at 85,000 words. Thank you. You all made constructive comments about “Tomorrows' Winds”which I have tried to respond to, so now we have “Tomorrows' Tides.” Previously you said: Very imaginative and stimulating, it's a damned good read. I couldn't put it ...

Raising the ‘not-allowed-to-work’ age

Keeping a good team working well whilst the people in the team get older. We have plenty of examples of people who lose their capacity for accurate, realistic and logical thinking as they age. In Britain one only needs to look at Gordon Brown whose critical faculties

Gluten Free Restaurants, Pubs and cafes in Brighton and Hove, Sussex

Gluten Free Restaurants, Pubs and cafes in Brighton, Portslade and Hove, Sussex. Updated 19th January 2011. 25th September. Al Duomo's also very good. we may go to their music evenings. 11th September 2010. SUMMARY. The ones I'll always go to are Casa Don Carlos, Donatellos, Cote Francaise, Eastern Eye La Strada Curry Mahal in ...

Extra debt £25,000 per head, that’s per man. woman and child in the UK.

Extra debt £25,000 per head, that's per man. woman and child in the UK. The Office of National statistics has announced that the National Debt has increased by £1.5 trillion pounds caused by the losses made by RBS, HBOS and Northern Rock. The national debt was previously £865 billion and ...
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