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Winning against AMD

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Cliff's latest blog posts

Future Britain – Council procurement procedures

Future Britain – Council procurement procedures. Altogether it’s a very poor deal for the council tax payers AND for our local businesses. I finally understand where it all goes wrong in procurement. There’s a professional procurement team who are disciplined to follow the guidelines. Precisely and totally. ...

2009 on the allotment, Shoreham

2009 on the allotment, Shoreham. 20th November. Greenhouse done and planted with garlics and onions. Also planted Broad beans and almost completed the new double-depth raised bed. 4th November. Courgettes still going, plus ...

Future Britain

Cliff Jenkins – Prospective parliamentary candidate, Honest, truthful, hard-working, living in your constituency, a non-politician, a new type of independent. I want to improve your life so I will work for: ...

Future Britain – Digital Britain, Broadband problems

Future Britain – Digital Britain, Broadband problems. Everybody, the politicians, the TV companies and the telecoms companies, seem to have clubbed together on a ‘never mind the quality, feel the width’ basis. They are trying to sell us spoof. Both the main parties think 2mb download is wonderful. It’s patently ...

Super-Losses = Super-Jobs

Super-Losses = Super-Jobs. This year and last year we have experienced Super-Losses, unimaginable losses. Now we need some Super-Jobs. No one has yet raised any question about the previous level of economic activity in the UK, all the editorials are about getting back to that previous level. How can ...

2008, The allotment moves on.

21st Dcember 2008. Well the sun came out occasionally. We dug up some potatoes; found that the beetroot and some leeks have started germinating (in the cloche in the greenhouse); pruned th ...

The 2007 gardening year

16Th December. Well today we picked a few lettuce, a celery, a few leeks, some calabrese, spring onions and beetroot. Yesterday it was a few peppers and a good handful of Iranian Red Chilies. Next time there'll be winter cabbage and red sprouts and there are still some potatoes Pink ...

Boost your brain – use your brawn, Daily Telegraph 040407

Boost your brain... use your brawn. If you're sporty, you must be thick' is a misguided cliché. In fact, a new study says exercise actually increases memory and learning potential. Victoria Lambert reports. Were you one of those forever leaping about on the tennis court at school or were you ...

2006, getting ready for 2007

The view in December:- we have permission for next greenhouse, but have not yet ordered it. This will be used for raising seedlings and then for some of the tomatoes and groundcherries - moved summer raspberries out of the shade - the over-wintering onions, garlics and shallots all doing well as are ...
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