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Cliff Jenkins’ Policies, Independent prospective local councillor

Cliff Jenkins' Policies. Independent prospective local councillor. Objectives. Cliff wants to: * Improve the aspirations and opportunities for our children, * Improve public transport services * Increase housing available for young people locally * Support local personal involvement

Land, the peoples’ rights

Land, the peoples' rights. In the earliest times when there was loads of land and very few people, then the land was seen as a community asset, something recognised such that the whole community had the benefit of the use of the land. The whole community owned the land together. ...

2010 A frustrating year for us gardeners

2010 A frustrating year in the garden and allotment. 28th December 2010. Whilst still wet and still cold, we are still digging potatoes, picking sprouts, cutting cabbage and lifting swede and beetroot. 3rd October. Cropped raspberries, first pink banana jumbo squash

Corruption and dealing with corruption

Corruption and dealing with corruption The OED defines corruption as: The destruction or spoiling of anything, especially by disintegration or decomposition; putrefaction Infection, infected condition; also figuratively contagion , taint Decomposed or putrid matter A making or becoming morally corrupt; the fact or condition of being corrupt; moral deterioration; depravity ...

Seeing the value of your money

Seeing the value of your money. One of the problems many members of our modern society encounter is in trying to get a grasp of the meaning and value of money, to try to get a direct link from earning a wage and then via the medium of money to ...

Goppo’s rhyme and frosts for health and safety

Goppo’s rhyme and frosts for health and safetySo,Health and Safety here we go Quite a comic tale of woe Playing conkers?can’t do that Save one wears a stiff hard hat Rolling cheeses is tradition Fill in forms and beg permission Coastguards’ flares have now been banned Torches must light up ...

Published “Tomorrow’s Winds”, available as Print on Demand or ebook

Published "Tomorrow's Winds," available as Print on Demand or ebook. It was an amazing experience writing it, amending it, editing it and finally publishing it. I actually enjoyed the whole process, even if I did find it frustrating at times. It runs to only 100 or so pages (This compares

“Economic Incompetence or Economic Warfare”

“Economic Incompetence or Economic Warfare". So which do prefer?The easiest way to look at the situation is to look at the people who have gained most: Germany and China. Germany was the main protagonist in favour of setting up the European Union. Crucially the EU then went on to

Extra cost-effective housing in towns and villages,

Extra cost-effective housing in towns and villages. Update 16th Oct 2010. What space have we got in the centre of our towns and villages? For me the answer is the car parks whether as part of a shopping complex or the civic ones or corporate or office car parks, even better ...

Brighton Gluten Free Restaurants – Cote Francaise

Brighton Gluten Free Restaurants – Cote Francaise (near the Theatre Royal.) November update, found a table with a good light, so I can easily read the menu and also read my Kindle. Food was top notch as always. 13th October 2010 I had the opportunity to order the Chicken with ...
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