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Published “Tomorrow’s Winds”, available as Print on Demand or ebook

Published "Tomorrow's Winds," available as Print on Demand or ebook. It was an amazing experience writing it, amending it, editing it and finally publishing it. I actually enjoyed the whole process, even if I did find it frustrating at times. It runs to only 100 or so pages (This compares

“Economic Incompetence or Economic Warfare”

“Economic Incompetence or Economic Warfare". So which do prefer?The easiest way to look at the situation is to look at the people who have gained most: Germany and China. Germany was the main protagonist in favour of setting up the European Union. Crucially the EU then went on to

Extra cost-effective housing in towns and villages,

Extra cost-effective housing in towns and villages. Update 16th Oct 2010. What space have we got in the centre of our towns and villages? For me the answer is the car parks whether as part of a shopping complex or the civic ones or corporate or office car parks, even better ...

Brighton Gluten Free Restaurants – Cote Francaise

Brighton Gluten Free Restaurants – Cote Francaise (near the Theatre Royal.) November update, found a table with a good light, so I can easily read the menu and also read my Kindle. Food was top notch as always. 13th October 2010 I had the opportunity to order the Chicken with ...

Cliff Jenkins PPC, core policies as an Independent PPC,

Cliff Jenkins PPC, core policies as an Independent PPC. 090110 Now re-organised between national and local policies. Local: Reinstate the fact that an Englishman’s home is his castle. Become more self-sufficient in food. Improve Public Transport. National: Prosecute MPs and Peers for fraud and obtain full repayments. Give English MPs ...

“Tomorrows’ Winds” is published and available on Amazon

Bring back the "Penny Dreadfuls". I think that the Kindle Singles are the modern equivalent of the Penny Dreadful. So I would be proud to follow Charles Dickens lead and publish my books in monthly episodes as he did. My first books "Power and Peace" and "the Englishman's Life" have been ...

Gluten Free introduction – What is “Gluten Free?”

Good new:s Addendum 9th Nov 2010. Genius GF bread is brilliant. Tesco's own label GF bread is just as good. GREAT. Gluten Free introduction - What is "Gluten Free?" Gluten is a protein found in wheat flour, oats, barley, spelt, bulgur, rye, couscous, semolina. It is therefore also in any processed foods which ...

Power and Peace, now published on Amazon Kindle

Power & Peace, the original work on which the Tomorrows' fiction books are based. How do we get better than we are? WE – whether in Brighton, in Britain, in the ‘West’ or in the World. How can we go about the process of getting better.

The Englishman’s Life, now on Kindle.

The Englishman's Life (18,924 words.) by Cliff Jenkins. My perception of the world, presented in popular poetry and prose; fun and frolics; pain and pleasure; sadness and sunshine; with a touch of realism. It's the story of one Englishman, who suddenly sat back and said

“Borneo Bulletin”, an extract, a view from the Far East.

Borneo Bulletin, 24th March 2010, a view from the Far East. An English Language newspaper published half way round the world, half a world away. You immediately notice that there are numerous words added to the English Language because they are needed for this area. You notice that the quality ...
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