Key notes about Gluten free restaurants 2018

A year later, and I can simplify my choices:-


National chains are great, eg. Wetherspoons, Zizzi`s, Carlucio`s, Cote Brasserie, Pizza Express, Pizza Hut, MacDonalds. For us this means a short bus ride to Brighton.

Locally in Shoreham-By-Sea we like Chambers, Toscas, Indian Cottage  Tandoori,; in   Worthing it`s Food, Thai Street Food, and Indigo.

Whilst there is greater availability, my stomach has decided wine is better than beer and no ice cream, for the moment.

Trying to clear footpaths in Shoreham By Sea

AWDAWG Minutes June 2nd

(Including adapted Considerate Parking Flyer)

(AWDAWG, Adur and Worthing Disability and Access Working Group)

Welcome to:

Jenny Anderson who represents Matters for the Deaf

Dave Simmons, District Councillor and WSCounty Coumcillor

Matters Arising:

None of the matters arising from the last meeting had been dealt with or addressed during the two months since March. The Councils` representatives need proper support.

Fortunately Dave Simmons will take on many of these actions in order to improve the situation.

  1. Disabled Go, common search terms do not work; and information on Worthing facilities are not shown. Action Gary

  2. Height Barriers across entrances to car parks are too low at 2.1m and need a higher 2.2m facility for larger disabled vehicles to enter. Action Dave.

  3. Pavements obstructed by parked vehicles on driveways or front gardens. “Considerate Parking” pdf received from Teresa, to “Share” with us. Two hundred copies requested. No response. Cliff screen scraped the `shared` text and created his own Considerate Parking flyer (see below). Dave volunteered to speak to police / Safer Roads project to discuss, particularly based on photos, for official letters to be sent to the registered users. Cliff to hold off using his flyer for now. Action Dave.

  4. Ropetackle Traffic Lights arrangements need to be improved. Action: Nick, Dave and Martin

  5. England v EU: dragging down to their standards(?),

Sort out paths being clear as property users` responsibility versus maximum path width 1.2 m, as WSCC refused to take any action if the path was / is clear for 1.2m. As hedges have now grown more this forces pedestrians and all other pavement users into the road or to face other difficulties. Action Dave

  1. Kingston Lane path half-blocked for 50metres opposite Shoreham Academy, forcing school children into the road. Path blocked by owners gardens spilling onto the path reducing width from 2m to 0.8 metres. (room for one person at a time.) Proposed for safety barriers to be installed urgently as the pathway is blocked.

    Also note, almost opposite, the Shoreham Academy hedge on the west side of Kingston Lane reduces the path to less than 1.0m. Possibly divert pavement users to use their exit road instead but would also need safety barriers.

    Action Dave.

  2. Pedestrian Traffic Lights at Holmbush south across Old Shoreham Foad have no sound signal. Plus overgrown hawthorn hedge on the pavemeny here Action Dave.

  3. Overgown Hedge on Mill Lane north of the bridge over A27 on the east side. Action Dave.

  4. Zebra stripes across Tesco and Next,Action: Nick to find out whose jurisdiction, whether County or District Council. Action Nick to ‘personally visit Managing Agents at Holmbush Centre.

  1. Refuges at road junctions along Upper Shoreham road 12, 17, 21 paces wide, and at Buckingham Road entrance and exit and Mill Lane. Action: Nick to investigate.

  2. WSCC Beautiful Sussex Project, does the proposed crossing over the A283 for the South Downs Way include a refuge? Action:Dave.

  3. Access on Public footpath over Shoreham lock gates to Southwick beach, now that the official cycle route uses this footpath the path should be 3m wide rather than 1m. Action: Gary to work with Shoreham Port Authority.

  4. System for helping people get Disability bus pass, Action: Gary unable to find out who is responsible, now complete review is being arranged.

  5. Cliff to illustrate Pavement Obstructions with photographs, also showing locations. Action: Gary to get a Chrome Cast for the TV screen, cost approx £50.

  6. External Communications, Cliff`s visit established that BBC Sussex need press releases.

The Bus pass issue is out of our hands. No further action required.

Considerate Parking

As described by Sussex Police

Illegally parked vehicles cost hundreds of thousands a year in damage to paving and grass verges, and cause serious problems for other motorists, blind, disabled / older people and parents with small children and buggies.

What is being asked?

  • That you park with consideration (not just for the paths, but for the resident’s house you park outside and for other road users)

  • That you consider the safety of your child having to negotiate a badly parked car? (How would it make YOU feel?)

  • Do not obstruct junctions, paths and entrances and do not park on School Zigzag marked areas.

Why is bad parking a problem?

Pavements are provided and constructed for pedestrian use. Vehicles parked

on pavements / junctions and Zigzag school markings are:

  1. A hazard to pedestrians, causing an obstruction, which may result in them having to step off the pavement and onto the highway, thus putting them in danger.

  • A hazard by restricting the width of a pavement, making it difficult for someone with a pushchair or wheelchair to pass safely – again this person may have to go into the highway to avoid the obstruction

  • Badly parked vehicles can obstruct the flow of traffic along roads and can increase the risk of injury to pedestrians and other road users.

How is this dealt with?

  • By fixed penalty notice (£30 fine) for obstruction of a path or a junction may be issued by a Parking Enforcement Officer or uniformed member of staff from Sussex Police.

  • By civil action or fine for damage from the local council

  • By a vehicle being removed at the owners cost if causing an obstruction to the highways and through flow of traffic

  • By simple words of advice given to the driver by a uniformed officer.

Roads around this area are being monitored.

Adur Disrtrict Council Disability and Access group – my notes

Topics: Next time:

– Nick’s role as Advisor, and really the purpose of the group and it’s terms off reference

– New members to be invited specifically the Police

– Pedestrian safety at island at entrance to ‘NEXT’ car park.

– Refuges at road junctions along Old Shoreham road 9, 12, 17, 21 paces wide, also at Buckingham Road entrance and exit

– Pavement Closed – use other pavement. – Nick I think said I had to get in touch with the Highways Agency, [temporary path now barricaded. Brilliant.]

– Disability bus pass, ROVI knows certified sight loss so the ‘Pass’ people shouldn’t need any further proof. Gary arranging for Ang… to contact me to sort outy the problem

– Footpath / bridle path path North from Holmbush , covered in horse dung and then a quagmire.

– Overgrown hedges on Old Shoreham Road and Kingston Lane.

– Access on Public footpath over Shoreham lock gates to Southwick beach,

–  Who pays Chartwell? Who in WSCC liaises with Chartwell?


Previous meetings:

 – Talking BUS STOP now talking again. Brilliant. [“Please accept this slight delay as to save power the display is in sleep mode…” 1 minute and < three minutes. Gary looking into it]. Now working perfectly. Thank you.

– BARLEY MaCcroawbsss V CoRiMe FFishsave
Duty of Care to a known coeliac given a non-gluten free meal at School (told by dinner staff it was fine for him, even when he disagreed.) Now picture a child writhing with pain for twenty hours. PLUS two weeks later Dumpling Incident. The problem is the length of the chain, How can I help? Nck emailib me about Penny… CJ to contact Coliac Society. Chartwells.Question Delegated or deserted?

–  Compliments to Planning Officers at Shoreham Society meeting
– Glass panels on footbridge
– Compliments for Southlands Green,
– Compliments of Downs Link path new surface,
– Wheelchair compliant allotment now available at Williams Road allotments
– Access leaflet (30th September 2016)
– Local information and facilities screens (30th September 2016)
– Circle Network, WSCC time bank, sounds good. (30th Septemb2016)
– Operation Crackdown, progress to date? (28th July 2016)
– Bus Times. OAPs expected to be in bed by 11pm. (28th July 2016)
– Compliments for new pavement at east end of Ham Road.
– Hanging baskets at head height in Southwick Square pretty but just the wrong height. Suggested an ‘A’ board underneath.(30th September 2016)
– Compliments for clearing A boards in High Street.
– Timing of traffic lights, eight seconds to cross the road. (30th September 2015)
– Asked for Twigglers on all replacement traffic light units. (30th September 2016)
10.30. am Friday 29 th July 2016


1. Housekeeping, Welcome and introductions
2. Apologies &amp; AOB items (please advise at start)
3. Minutes of the last meeting (no longer provided – attendees notes only)
4. Matters arising
i. Dial-a- Ride and Community Transport
ii. Disabled Go
5. Planning
6. Work Plan
7. Any other business (as advised at start)
8. Outcomes &amp; the future of the group
9. Date, time and venue next meeting.
Friday 30 th Sept 2016, 10.30, max 2 hours, Room 1, Shoreham Centre
Format to remain the last Friday of every odd month (1,3,5,7,9,11)
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